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Cat Scratch Fever

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Anyone know anything about it? I was bathing my bf's grandfather's cat back in August (flea infested!!) and he left two deep scratches on my fingers.. No big deal, went back to bf's and washed my hands, put neosporin on it and wrapped it in bandaids.. Well after 2 months of them bubbling and pussing, I couldn't take it and scheduled a Dr's. appt. I had cat scratch fever! I finished my z-pack last Saturday and my scratches have healed... I had all the symptoms (swollen/sore gland in my arm pits, nausea, etc) but just totally blew it off.. It says your most likely to get it from kittens but his grandfathers cat is like 12! So I think ANY cat can carry the virus for it..
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My niece got this at age 2 from her maternal grandmother's cat. It was horrible for her and she had to stay in the hospital and receive some type of hydro treatments for the infected area. Then she had home health care for several weeks after while the area cleared up.

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The cats that have this bacteria (bartonella) need to be treated for it so they don't pass it to anyone else. Please contact your bf's grandfather and make sure he takes his cat(s) in to be tested and treated.
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The bacteria is spread by fleas, so keeping your cats flea-free is an important preventative measure.
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