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Would it affect her behaviour too much?

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Hello, first post. I have a female kitten, aged 4 months called Cookie. I got her about 3 months ago from a nice lady who lives at a farm. The ladys adult cats had a litter of kittens and the lady was giving the kittens to good homes. I picked Cookie, she had something special about her. She is absoultley beautiful, very adorable and has a great little personality. I love here more than anyone and anything in the world. Now here is the problem, i want to keep her inside the house as much as possible since there are 3-4 very aggresive tomcats who have 'claimed' my backyard. These tomcats reguarly fight off other cats (you can hear them almost every night). This is the reason i want to keep Cookie inside, where it's safe. However, she was born to a (i assume) farm-cat and because of that, she likes outside. If i keep her inside, basically rendering her a house-cat, would that affect her behavior?

Any help is appreciated.

P.S. Does anyone know where to get some good brand worming tablets in Hereford, England by any chance?
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Your kitty will be just fine. Enzo was born and raised a farm cat. When I picked him up he was 4 months old and had never been touched by a human. He really liked being inside and getting all the attention he could handle. Now he doesn't want anything to do with being outside unless it is quite, no cars going by, no kids on bikes, no loud noises, the list goes on and on!
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Thank you for the advice. I'm glad to know that Cookie won't be any different if i keep her inside. I really appreciate the help.
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I agree, your cat will be just fine living an indoor only life.
Two of our three cats where born outside.

Annabelle was a semi-feral that I nabbed out of the middle of a busy road, the Vet estimated her age at the time at somewhere around 4 years old.
I have no way to know how long she had been outside...it was more than likely most if not all of her life.

Elliott was an 18 month old neighborhood stray when we took him in and I know for a fact he'd lived 16 of those 18 months of his life outside.

Both of them were very happy to join Gracie and Lizzie (RB) and become indoor cats.
Neither have ever shown any desire to go back outside...in fact they'll run a mile the other way from an open door.

As for wormer, the best place to get a safe an effective one would be from your Vet.

Bless you for giving Cookie a good home.
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It's so much better for cats to stay indoors I think you are being a loving cat parent by leaning towards this solution.

All cats would enjoy the outdoors if they get the chance. Unfortunately, the outdoors is full of danger, and they are better off playing inside. Just be firm, keep the indoors interesting with toys and sleeping spots, and she won't miss it.

After all, those of us who have raised teenagers know they would like to drive recklessly, drink at parties, and indulge in inappropriate relationships. Being good parents means we don't let them.
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I would STRONGLY advise you to keep her INSIDE at least until she is spayed. I know UK doesn't like to do them before 6 months old and if you have tomcats around now, she WILL get pregnant at 4-5 months old if they mate with her.

So for her safety keep her inside. I'm not a fan of letting cats outside (too many dangers IMO), but if you let them outside I recommend leash/harness training or build a safe cat enclosure where she can sit outside for a few hrs.

If the tomcats are aggressive, there's a high risk of her being hurt by them (spayed or not) or they could chase her away.

As far as wormers - please don't buy the over the counter kind. You don't know what (if any) worms she has and its better for a vet to test and give the proper kind/dosage. Has she been to the vet to even start shots?
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