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Vibes for my baby girl Macey?

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She vomited up what looks like digested material. I'm worried she has an intestinal blockage, esp. since she'll eat anything she can get her paws on. I can't afford surgery & know neither of my parents would pay for it. Mostly because she has some behavioral issues which are only getting worse, the one trainer within a reasonable driving distance can't help her.

she's just got an upset tummy, please? She's had gas all night....and what she barfed up was a lot, it was dark brown...looked like poop. I gave her some kaopectate & will continue that to see if it helps. Tomorrow am she goes to the vet, hopefully they can get her in before I've got to go to work! She's only 4 years old.

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What a beautiful coat she has!!!! I hope she is ok.
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i hope that everything is ok for her.
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Awwww Macey She's so beautiful Nat...Many vibes and prayers that she checks out ok at the vet
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Well, if it was indeed poop, then maybe she just ate it. I know that's gross, but I've seen Lady do that in the past before I could stop her. I don't know if it made her feel sick, but I always thought it should have.

Upset stomach and feel better vibes for Macey!

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Sending many prayers for beautiful Macey.
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lots of vibes that it isn't anything serious!!
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Feel better Macey!
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feel better sweet brown doggie!
I envision the vets office telling you it is nothing!
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for Macey. She's gorgeous, BTW.
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Hope lovely Macey only has a little upset tum, nothing major!
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I hope your Macy is feeling much better real soon!
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She's been acting/eating/drinking normal today. Vet & vet tech were booked solid with surgeries, so I never got to talk to them. I do seriously wonder if she ate a ton of Simon's poop!
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Maverick got into something not too long ago and proceeded to throw up what also looked like poop, but he ended up being just fine.

I hope whatever's wrong w/ Macy will be minor, too.

to you & Macy!!

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