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new kitten problems

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my husband and I own two oriental shorthairs They are 4 and 5 years old. Our Shi Tzu passed away at the beginning of the summer. Our breeder called last week out of the blue and told us she had two left from this years litter. Boy does she have my number! Yesterday I put my Kick me sign on and we went to her house. Well we now have three oriental shorthairs. The problem is the two older ones have gone nuts.

The older one has calmed down now and only hisses at the baby when she is near however, the younger of the two has decided we are horrible rotten people and will hiss at the older cat and the baby. She has sulked in the bedroom all day long. She is usually the more level headed of the two cats.

When we first got her she was so laid back and sweet. My sister always says she is going to stick her in her purse and take her with her when she goes home. Usually on the weekends I like to surf the web and drink coffee with one or the other in my lap but not today. They want nothing to do with us.

We have segregated the baby in our walk in closet for most of yesterday and today.

How do we get the other two to play nice and not feel so threatened? I have my favorite and she knows who she is. That is not going to change but I have enough love for the husband and three cats to go around.
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Males tend to accept newcomers quicker and more willing then females. So sounds like 1/2 your battle.

You need to do slow introductions. I'd introduce the friendlier adult first and let the other one take her time.

Ling still doesn't totally accept Charlie and he'll be with us for a year in a few months But that's typical female attitude. I know when we get another Oci (male), Charlie will accept his baby brother a lot faster then Miss Ling will.

BTW we need pictures of your orientals
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I will try to figure out how to post pics. All of them are female by the way I should have posted that. Sabrina our second is usually the nicest. We had no problems really when we brought her home. The older one Tabitha was ticked at first but relized she had a dumber partner in crime. She was almost a year old when we got her. Still dont know why the previous owners did not want her. So well behaved. Well as much as an oriental can be.

Tabitha is usually our problem child. She is the oldest and my favorite and highly intelligent. She and my husband used to despise one another. I wonder if the behavior has something to do with someone else messing with their man. Even though he is mine first and foremost.
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If your still having problems, have you read the sticky in this forum Have a behaviour problem, look here 1st - introducing a new cat. And welcome to TCS.
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I just got my third cat (a 4 month old female) a week and a half ago. The original cats are a male and a female. I experienced the same thing - the male accepting the kitten already. The female hid for a day. Then came out and has gotten somewhat back to her old ways.

The kitten tries to suckle. I was told that this means she was weaned to soon. Is this true?
Thanks in advance.
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