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Overweight and holding steady

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When we adopted Georgia, she was a skinny and malnourished little thing. Within a month of eating high quality dry food (she won't touch wet), she had gained 6 pounds! Now, she's about 3 years old and 12-13 pounds. We've been on a vet-prescribed diet for more than a year. It seems a little extreme to me-- 1/2 cup Wellness Healthy Weight a day--but the vet worked out the kcal requirements and said 1/2 cup was all she needed. Georgia doesn't beg for more food, so I don't really freak out about it. But oddly, she has yet to lose weight even on that meager diet. This seems strange to me, especially because even though she's indoor only, she's fairly active. According to our vet, Georgia is totally healthy--save for the pudge. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!
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You may want to ask the vet whether L-carnitine might be helpful. There is some research that shows it may aid with fat loss in cats. Some cat foods, particularly the "light" variety add some, but it may be something to discuss with the vet as it could potentially help in addition the other steps you're taking. Also, you may want to continue to try little bits of wet food on occasion--perhaps you can teach her that it's a yummy treat.

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