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Hockey Fans???

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A friend of mine treated me to my FIRST Hockey game... my FIRST... Blackhawks Hockey game. I had a great time, even though the Hawks got spanked.

I have no knowledge of the rules or what was going on really other than what she told me before the game and questions I asked... I knew enough to see that the Hawks were not on top of their game this Game and pretty much handed the other team 2 of the points with a pretty bow attached.

Here are a few Photos I took at the Game.

Chicago Blackhawks VS. Atlanta Thrashers

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lol... you know what you think these look like....

Ok... Back to the Game...

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They certianly took their time breaking up this fight...

*GAH!* Game Over...

Blackhawks Lose
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Well hockey wouldn't be hockey without a fight

I am a Leafs fan
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I would love to see a live game Did you have a good time?
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I love hockey!!! I'm a big RedWings fan.

I see you got some nice pictures of Robert Lang (20) who played for the Redwings last year.

It looks like you had a good time. I love seeing a hockey game live. I've only been a hockey fan for about 6 or 7 years...never realized what I was missing! Now I plan my week around the hockey games, lol!
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
I would love to see a live game Did you have a good time?
Yes, I had a GREAT time It was a wonderful high energy VOCAL crowd... fast paced game... I will certianly be back for more.
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Hockey is an awesome game to see live.

I'm also a Red Wings fan.
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not a fan, but good pics
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I'm a big hockey fan because I'm Canadian, and well, that's the law here.

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