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Could use some board magic for Scruff

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Please say a little prayer or send up good thoughts for my dog Scruffy. I have had him for 3 years since someone dumped him out where I work and I took him home. I love this dog so very much! He is a mixed breed, and lives up to his name Scruffy but he is my sweet baby!!!!! He is so good with the cats and one of them even sleeps on top of him!!! He has been missing since either late Friday night or Saturday morning. He wanders off a little ways once in awhile, like out in the fields etc, but not far and he is never gone long. I am so afraid something has happened to him and that I may never see his scruffy little face looking up at me begging for a pat on the head ever again!!!
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Don't give up hope Debby!!!! Animals magically appear many times when the owner thinks they have disappeared.

Of course we'll be wishing that Scruffy returns home soon. Have you talked with your neighbours or driven around?

Just don't think the worst,ok?

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Sending "go home Scruffy" thoughts.
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Thank you! Yes I am calling people and looking for him!!!! I hope and pray he comes home soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awww, sending scruffy prayers that he goes home soon!

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Oh, Debby... Hope Scruffy is back soon!!
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Come home Scruffy! Debby wants to give you treats and cuddles.
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Sending out "Come home Scruffy" prayers. Debby, I hope everything works out for the best!
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Aww, I'll send him some "home sweet home" vibes for you Debby! Hope he comes back soon.
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Come Home Scruffy!!! All my best come home vibes coming your way, Debby.
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How long has he been gone now? Scruffy come home!!!
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Aw, Debbie, I'm so sorry to hear this! I sure hope it isn't as cold there as it is here!


I'll keep him in my prayers!

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Sending "Scruffy come home" vibes from Illinois.
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I don't think that I will ever see Scruffy again. I will miss him so badly!!!! Yes, Laurie, it is as cold here....below zero at night....he has been gone since Friday night. I just feel so sad, there is this huge lump in my throat......he was the best dog in the world, and we have asked all the neighbors and noone has seen him, we have gotten the word out everywhere we can, and no Scruff.

Thanks for your kind thoughts!!!!!!
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Sending prayers for Scruffys safe return!

"Go home Scruffy!"
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Oh Thank you!!!!!!! I am in tears right now!!! Scruffy was a mutt that nobody wanted and somebody dumped him out where I work...he wasn't pretty....poor little guy, such a mixture, not an attractive dog...but he had a heart the size of the whole world!!!!! I remember the girls at work throwing scraps of food outside for him....but he wouldn't come near any of us, he just stood there and shook....he had obviously been abused....he was skinny and so pathetic looking.....I talked a friend into helping me catch him, and we did and put him in her truck....I will never forget his sad little face looking out that truck window....after a stop at the vets for shots, Scruffy came to my house....my first dog here on the farm.....that was 3 years ago....he overcame his fear of humans, and became the most loving dog you could ever have!!!!!!! And he loved the cats!!!!! He really did!!!!!!!
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My heart is just breaking for Scruff!!!!!!!!! All he ever wanted was for someone to love him!!!! And I did love him!!!! And I tried to play with him and pay attention to him as much as I could, but I know the past 5 months since I had the baby, I have not payed as much attention to him as I should have!!! I have just been so busy! But I know he didn't go away because of that, something bad has happened to him!!!!!!!!!
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Was Scruffy wearing a collar and tags with your name and phone number printed on them? Since it was so bitterly cold last week, maybe someone became concerned about him and brought him inside.

I hope you find him soon and he's ok!!!!
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I'm chiming in so late, sorry Debby. Haven't been online that often in the last day or two.

I am so sorry that Scruffy is missing. I hope he finds his way home to you safely.
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Is there anyway of putting a poster at the local grocery store? You never know, someone could have picked him up.

Scruf, make it back home pronto! Debby needs you!

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Here I am chiming in late after a few days off sending come home thoughts for your puppy! I hope everything turns out ok!
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Oh...I hope Scruffy made it home ok.

Sending positive thoughts to Scruffy and an tog guide his way home...
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Debby, I wasn't on for more than a couple of minutes yesterday and I missed this thread. Any news about Scruffy?

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Debby, It's much more common to get a dog back than a cat, but you know the whole routine. My dog was missing for a week once. We drove everywhere and asked kids playing, knocked on doors, (after calling the police, the pound, the neighbors, etc.) We finally found someone who had seen him. When the people learned that he was friendly and had no record of biting, they put food out for him and tied him up. I was overwhelmed with gratitude. We spent hours and hours every day after school driving this area. But we got him! Don't give up hope. I'm saying a prayer now that he will come home.
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Any news yet? I am praying that he comes home safely to you. Hopefully he just found somewhere warm to bunker down and will be home soon.
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My prayers and thoughts are with you and scruffy.
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Debbie - have you had time to call local shelters or alert the neighbors? I can't call your neighbors - well - I'll PM you.

Still keeping Scruff in my prayers!

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I just saw this post. Any news on Scruffy?
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Still no Scruffy. I have cried several times in the past few days, but everyday when I get home from work, I look to see if he comes running out to the car to meet me.
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Oh, no, Debby!

I don't know how I missed this post. I am still hoping and praying that Scruffy returns to you soon. I sincerely hope some good soul took him in due to the cold. I know you miss him terribly. Try to think positive - even though it will be hard to do. I'm hoping the board magic works soon for you! I don't know what else to say other than I will be praying very hard for that little dog and also for you and your family!

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