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Rabbit related: not an expert, but isn't this wrong?

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I refer especially to <I>If the rabbit will be traveling for 10 hours or less, it will be all right without food and water for the journey. Be sure to feed and water the animal(s) when you arrive. Water, especially, is messy when traveling, so put only a little in the bottom of the bowl, if you put in any at all.</I>
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From what I remember from showing rabbits as a kid, those instructions sound very good.
Pretty close, if not exactly what our 4H show mentors told us.
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Thank you for your reply
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I don't think rabbits are supposed to go without food for very long. I wouldn't do that to one of mine (if I had any any more).
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IMO it would depend on if the rabbit was a baby or an adult. I know from showing cats, that they can go without food/water for 8 or so hrs in the car. I don't think it would really hurt the rabbit unless it was a very hot day.
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I found this on the House Rabbit website. I guess they tell you not to give your rabbit water or food because the rabbit will be too nervous to drink it anyway.


1. Rabbits cannot tolerate heat.
a Provide wet towels over cage with breeze and frozen water cartons to lie against if you have no air conditioning in hot weather.
b. Don't leave rabbit in parked car in the hottest part of the day while you are in a restaurant. You may have to get food-to-go, take food along and stop in shaded rest areas, or wait until early morning and late evening to stop to eat.
2. Rabbits do not like drafts.
Carriers should not be placed where AC/Heat blows directly on them.
3. Water bottles will often leak out all their water.
Rabbits tend to not drink while traveling. Water should be offered at all stops. Add Pedilyte to combat dehydration but be sure the rabbit will drink it. You may have to syringe/dropper feed water.
4. Rabbits may also not eat while traveling.
Offer favorite vegetables, pellets, and hay at all stops. Put some hay and pellets in carrier while traveling.
5. Try to establish some routine.
as to length of time in car each day, stopping times, feeding and exercise times
6. Strap down carriers
so they do not slide during sudden stops
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