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Pictures icons - help please

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I notice there are pictures/icons by the poster's IDs, and sometimes there are photos after the body of the message. How do you do this? Add photos and stuff I mean. Thanks.
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Once you have 5 posts (once you reply to this) You get to have an avatar and a signiture. (avatar is picture beside the username, signiture is the pictures under the posts)

You will only have a few avatars to chose from, but as you progress in status - young cat, adult cat, alpha cat etc. You'll have more to chose from. If you are a paying member, or a super cat, then you can a have a custom avatar (picture of your choice)

You can request a signature by posting links to your pictures under the signature request thread

hope this helps
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Some of the links in this thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=82565 should help.
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hi there, i'm replying to your post so that i can get my own pic up and running. (cheeky aren't i?!!) im a newbie, learning my way around the site. have a cool day! xx

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p.s. why is my image so massive? please tell me......thank you. xxxx
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Graphics and photo editing software have a "resize" option. Look for this in your software. Digital cameras and scanners all come with this kind of software.
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im posting to this so that i can get my own avi and sig! lol doing the same as loudora!!!
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Browse through the threads in "The Signature Shop" subforum. There are members who will make one for you that post in there.
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