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F1 kitten home - advice about adjusting?

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Hi, Everyone. My F1 boy is FINIALLY home safe and sound. I picked him up yesterday from the airport.

He can be a very sweet baby but is afraid of EVERYTHING. He does hiss and spit and growl something afwul when I approach him (or another cat approaches him) to pick him up - but after he is in my arms he settles down. Does anyone have any advice on how to help him adjust? I have dogs and other cats - and I think he is feeling very overwhelmed and thretened. He is staying in my bedroom - and I have been putting him in his carrier (with food, water, litter exc) when I can not be around to supervise him. I have been spending time with him all day yesterday and today trying to get him to bond with me. i feel awful from him. He calls out for his mom all the time. I know it has only been one day - and I understand the F1 temperment....but I wonder if there is something more that I can do to help open him up. He is breaking my heart and I am feeling so guilty. He has been through alot - being seperated from mom - going on a plane - and going to a new home with strange people and other pets - all in the matter of a day. I just feel so sad for the little guy. Wasn't there another poster who brought home an F1 kitten recently? Is this a normal adjustment period? How long does it normally take an F1 (who has been hand socalized from birth) to adjust?
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Don't force him into anyhting...but talk to him continuously in a soft voice...give him time to adjust a bit. Spend time on the floor at his level, and play with a feather on a string with him, or some other interactive toy - the more you play with him, the more you'll bond.

But definitely give him time...he's just scared, is all. Do you have Feliway diffusers running? That will help relieve his stress.
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You've only had him a very short time. It will take weeks and months for him to settle in completely. Just be patience. Don't introduce him to the other cats/dogs for a week or so. Let him adjust in his own time. Spend 15/20 mins at a time just sitting on the floor, talking to him and maybe trying to get a little interactive play with a string or ball.

I'm sure in a week he will be more willing to start exploring and getting to know the other animals. I found with Charlie, he warmed up to the dog within a few days. Ling, however, hated him and avoided him for weeks before she finally accepted him.
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Just wanted to give a quick update to say that little cubby is doing GREAT. He is becoming more adjusted everyday. He is out and about and exploring - not crying/hissing/spitting as much - and will walk right up to me and eats out of my hand. I still get a spit and a growl when I try to hold him - unless of course I have fresh meat or fish in my hands (trying a half raw/half holistic (solid gold) dry food diet) and then I get the growling while eating (something wild cats do). He is amazing. He is learning to trust and doesn't seem so afraid of everything anymore - he even holds his own with my other bengals who are older and a bit cranky. I have been thinking about adopting another bengal kitten or a moggy from the pound to keep him company as my others aren't exactly warm and fuzzie with him....but thats a big decision and I'd like to see how things turn out before I go that route.
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Good to hear he's starting to settle in - isn't the growling while eating thing ADORABLE?!?

My former feral, Ferris did that after we moved into our current apartment - he growled for the first week, even when I gave him treats, so he'd sound like: "grrrrrrrrrr (insert treat) rrrrrr-ow rrrrrr-ow rrrrrr-ow"

We need some piccies, please!!!
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What's even funnier is a litter of rex kittens who get their first taste of shredded boiled chicken. They growl, hiss and put their little feet on the pieces and dare each other to take it away
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I will post pics ASAP. I have to borrow a friends camera as my lense on my camera needs to be replaced - and with just buying new furnature - and paying for little cubby - that hasn't been on the top of my list of things to pay for .
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