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Booger Update!

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Got this note from Booger's new mom today:

Just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know you were right about Boog and playing. I bought her some toys one of which is a stick with some feathers on the end of a long string and she just goes nuts over it. Of course she also likes her little catnip pillows, her catnip scratch post, her furry mice and the little catnip mice.

She is very agile and I have learned that if I play with her for about 10 mins before we go to bed she sleeps through the night instead of waking me up to get some attention. She is laying on my foot as I type this email. She is integrating very well and seems quite happy.

Hope all is well with you and Gary.
I MISS MY BOOGER CAT! But BOY am I glad she's inside (and loved!). It is SOOOOO COLD HERE!!!!!! We just fed the outside cats again, and they came running out from their shelters. They felt warm to the touch, so that is a relief!

My Booger girl:
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Go Boog!
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Yeah!!! I'm so happy Boog's home is working out so incredibly well!
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That is great news Laurie! I am soo happy for Booger - she is a beautiful cat!
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Aww, I'm glad that Booger has a good home and that she's having fun playing.
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Woohooo Booger!!!! You go girl!!

Sounds like she is in the lap of purrrfic luxury!! Great to hear Laurie!!!

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Booger is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am SO glad everything is working out with her new home!!!
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It's so great to hear that Booger is settling in well to her new home. Big kitty hugs to all of you!
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Laurie, that is a GREAT update on Booger! Sounds like he has a wonderful home and is happy!
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