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Oci or Bengal?

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I was hoping all the experts here could help us identify this stray- he is FIV+, has a heart murmur and was already neutered when found. A local vet identified him as a Bengal, but we also have a local person breeding Ocicats and I'm not familiar enough to identify him correctly. If someone is looking for him we want to post him correctly!

This is the link to his post:

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That is most definitely a Bengal.
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I agree with it being a bengal.
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Not a show or breeding quality cat, by the looks of him, but his face is definitely Bengal. Poor baby - I hope you're able to find a good home for him!
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Wow! Before I looked at the photo I was thinking, "probably neither." But that is definitely a Bengal! Look at those eyes.
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I'm no use at helping you with his breed, but just wanted to say that I hope he's either reunited with his family (as long as they haven't dumped him) or finds another loving home soon. Poor boy, he must be wondering what on earth is happening in his world.
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Thanks everyone,

I also was doubtful that he was a real bengal when we received the request to post him, but when I saw the pictures I was shocked!

The story is a little odd- apparently he showed up in a cat lover's yard, she set up a neutering/testing with a local neuter clinic with plans that she would keep him. The vet at the clinic found that he was already altered. When the vet found his heart murmur she thought he looked familiar. Shethought he was the cat of one of her clients that was having a hard time with their cat spraying. The owner claims this was not their cat, but the vet still seems to think it is the same cat and the owners just dumped him due to the spraying issue.
Of course, now that the poor cat is FIV+ the rescuer can't keep him either because she has other cats.

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Poor baby!!
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Probably 100% Bengal. I own an Oci and this cat doesn't look close to being an Ocicat. The coloring, coat/pelt, markings, and head all are Bengal He's really pretty - hope he finds the right home soon
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FIV is only passed on through biting, so depending on how he gets on with her cats, and how they are with him, they could all live together.
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Are there ever false positives with FIV tests?
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He is beautiful, poor baby , hopefully he'll find a good home soon
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What a pretty boy! I hope he goes to a good home!
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The in house tests in the UK can cause false positives, about 7% are false positives, and there is also a 5% chance of a false negative. The ones send to a lab are accurate though. Not sure what tests are available where the poster is though.
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That cat is definately a bengal, poor guy. I hope he'll find a good home soon.
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Yep, that boy looks a purebred Bengal. I can't believe that someone would turn out a Bengal. So sad that he's got FIV.
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