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making donations and volunteering!

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Ah, all is right with the world. I was able to go to my favorite charity that supports homeless cats yesterday. I spent about an hour with DH visiting the cats and learning about the facility and what they need. I was able to donate LOADS of food and DH and I are going up next weekend to help build shelves for them!

I may be able to do some website stuff for them too!
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How exciting! I'm sure it did your heart good!

Rob and I have so busy with our jobs and renovation stuff that we haven't had a minute to ourselves. Once the house is done we'll also be looking at volunteering/donating our time and skills.
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I am a much happier person now I have time to volunteer, it is definitely good for the soul
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Oh it felt so nice and even DH got into the spirit of things! I think we'll be updating their website (I hope). It needs a little re-vamping!
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Good for you! Rescue groups need all types of volunteers as you have found out. It's sad when people don't volunteer because they think the only way they can help is to spend time at a shelter working with the animals and they don't do it because it makes them sad if they are euthanized. I've done fundraising, painted shelters before they opened to the public, picked up donated food, delivered pet food to the needy, made items that were auctioned off, and helped with websites. Every little bit helps, and it helps even more if you can be somewhat consistent with it.

I haven't had much time to volunteer of late, but I always try to donate items to shelters based on their wish lists, which are often posted at their sites. Today I deliver blankets and dog toys to one nearby.
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