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Ziggy is still not home. It's 12.30pm and I have been out twice this morning to look for her. Why does there have to be so many brown and orange leaves where I live? I keep mistaking them for Ziggy laying in the grass. My neighbour has too, and has gone down to look. I've been taking mu son with me because he is amazing for seeing things that other people don't (like a tiny simpsons sticker in the road, or a lazytown logo. It takes us ages to find what he's shouting about.) I know it's probably not nice to take a 2 year old out with me incase the worst has happened, in which case I would take him home and then go and find her again. He staysput when he is told too, so I can go and investigate what he's spotted.

He keeps pointing at windows and trees saying "Ziggy in there". There is just no sign of her.

I'm really scared. I'm so glad I got her microchipped. And I haven't found her collar yet either so hopefully she's still wearing it.

We don't have a huge problem with strays where I live, so no-one would take her in while wearing a collar, so she is either stolen, or still lost.

I am in the UK, so if there are any UK sites anyone could point me to, to try and find her, please post the link.

I'm getting deperate
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Have you rang the RSPCA and the Cats Protection?. I know my local CP branch have a section on lost and found cats on their website.

Come home Ziggy
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I'm so sorry

I pray you find her soon!
Many vibes for her homecoming
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Had a call from the council at 1.45pm. It's now 2.25pm.

Ziggy was found dead at the side of the road on Saturday night, the night she went missing. They scanned her microchip. They don't call at weekends which is why I've only found out today.

RIP Ziggy. Mummy Loves you and misses you
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace, Ziggy.
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Oh no!

I'm going to close the thread now, but heres the link to Ziggy in the bridge

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