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Ziggy has disappeared.....  

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So, yesterday afternoon, Ziggy ran out the house. She's done it before and it hasnt been a problem. She has never been away for more than a few hours. But I went outside and called her and..... nothing. I know her terriotory so I went for a wander calling her name. I didn't even hear the bell on her collar . I came back and left it a while, and before bed, I went back out to look for her. Theres this tree that she always appears from and comes bounding up the grass bank towards me. But she wasn't there. I looked into the tree but nothing. I didn't see her friend cat around so I figured they must be together.

I went to sleep and woke up ever hour or so expecting to hear her crying outside to be let in, but no.

This morning I got up after a terrible nights sleep and went back outide after feeding Links and changing the cat litter. I still couldn't find her anywhere.

So about 30mins later, I heard a meow outside. It didn't sound quite like Ziggy but my spirits lifted anyway. I went to the front door, and there was her friend. He'd come to call her for their 'morning chat' through the window. That made me realise then that she was not with him.

SO has gone to look for her now. Its 11.10am (and the clocks went back last night) so she has been gone for around 20hours now. I just don't get it, she always comes running when I call her

Please give me some support guys (no lectures for letting her out)

:bawling :
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Oh no! That makes 2 TCS lost kittes. I am so sorry. I hope that she comes home soon.

I would start putting up lost posters with her picture on them...and a little reward for finding her wouldn't hurt either ( doesn't have to be alot..just enough to get peoples attention). Put them in vets offices in case someone brings her in, shelters, stores, around your neighborhood and anywhere else you think someone might see them.

I hope she comes home very soon. Good luck
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Comb the neighborhood and have people check garages, sheds, etc.

Sending you that she comes home soon.
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Oh no...vibes that she comes back soon safe and sound
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Oh that is a shock. I do hope she comes home soon. If she knows her way home then you probably don't need to try the trail of litter trick,but you might want to anyway. Good vibes for a safe return.
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She's still not back. This is really not like her. It's been more than 26hrs now. We've been in and out searching for her all day. No sign. I've even asked all the passers-by if they've seen her, and I've held her picture up.

If she's not back tomorrow night then I'll do up some posters. Someone must have seen her. I'm just so sad
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When my Monster snuck out of the house i was devistated and i took extreme measures to try to get him back, even tho everyone told me he would most likely come home on his own... we made posters with his pic on them and hung them up all over the place. we went around door to door in our neighborhood showing his pic and askin if anyone had seen him, giving out my cell number and tellin them if they found him to call. ultimately, someone called my phone cuz he was in their yard. this was all in one day, i didnt even wait to see if he would come back on his own, bc i was worried someone would find him and keep him.

ETA: i forgot to send vibes for Ziggys safe return home {{{{{{VIBES!!!}}}}}}
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You've probably already done this, but call your local ASPCA, shelters etc in case someone brings her in or finds her and calls them.

Many many years ago, I found a lost cat hanging outside my apartment house in the rain. I can't remember all the details, it was so long ago, but I do remember that I kept him a few days - up to a week - before the ASPCA or whoever told me that he'd been reported missing. His owner came and got him. Turned out he lived right across the big avenue in my neighborhood.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, she could be ok and there might just be a little "lag time" before you reconnect. Meanwhile, I know everyone here is sending vibes and prayers for the safe return of Ziggy and the other lost cats on this board.
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As I was walking along the streets, I was looking in the windows as I know Ziggy would be up there wanting to get out. She doen't like strange places.

She has done this before, but she was with her 'friend' that I said about earlier. She was only gone 7hrs then too. He keeps coming by the house calling her and sniffing around for her.

She is microchipped, so if she was handed in they would have scanned her and called. She's wearing a collar too.

All I can think of is that something awful has happened to ehr, or someone has stolen her.
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I would not wait...
Get those flyers & posters out asap....
add a picture if you can.
Offer a small reward if possible.

Be safe Ziggy.
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Here's my Ziggy.

PLease come back my beautiful baby
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i am sending prayers and vibes..ziggy, please come home, sweetheart
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Ziggy is so beautiful....
Please....go out and find him.
Knock on all of your neighbors doors.
Put food by your front door.
Notify all shelters in your area and take flyers to them too.
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sending lots and lots of

I hope she returns back soon!
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Yes SHE is! It's got dark now. My SO is still out looking for her. He's taken a blanket with him incase she is cold as it is raining pretty hard. I've just turned on my desktop PC, so I can start making posters (It's hooked up to the printer and takes ages to load up )

I'll be putting them up tomorrow. I've knocked on the neighbours doors. My area is really quite and surrounded by trees. I'm just glad her collar is loose and completely elasticated.....

She doesn't like being out of her territory. I did a test once... I carried her up to the point where she stops, and crossed the 'line'. She started clawing frantically at me trying to get back into her territory.

SO, is currently out looking in the building site at the bottom of the grass bank where we live (it's outside of her territory.) I hope nothing has fallen on her. I really hope shes okay. I've keep bursting into tears. Links misses her too, he keeps pining for her.
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I really feel for you....
Come home Ziggy
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I am SO sorry! Praying for a safe a quick return.
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I'm sending lots of for her safe return. Have you asked everybody in her territory to check their garages, cellars, sheds, etc., or even cars?
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Oh no ......... sending many many vibes your way for Ziggy to come home
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There aren't any garages, sheds, or cellars. I've asked people I've seen outside their houses, and checked the residents car park, but no sign of her. I've even walked quietly calling her name by the cars, because she has gone up inside the engine before to keep warm, but I heard her meow when I called her name, because she wanted help.

There was fireworks last night, do you think she just kept running coz she was frightened? and now doesn't know where she is? I have checked outside of her territory too, just in case.

Her friend was at the house just now, so he obviously hasn't seen her. He seems really distressed. And Links has lost his playmate so I'm paying extra attention to him.
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come home sweet Ziggy
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The fireworks if she was outside when they went off might have frightened her.
Try going outside and calling for her when its still and quiet outside (like the middle of the night). Can you put dry food in a container and shake it when calling for her???

Sending lots of vibes to you that she comes home soon.
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The fireworks were last night, when she went missing at first. I've called her loads tonight. It's 11pm now. They weren't close either, you could just see them in the distance and here them occasionally. She was already out before they started too.
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Could she have gone down to the building site and become locked in a work hut?

I really hope that she comes home soon. If she isn't home by the morning it wouldn't hurt to phone the Vet's offices in the area in case one doesn't have a scanner for the chips.

I'll be thinking of you and sending loads of vibes that she comes home soon
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The builders weren't working yesterday anyway. SO has been down there, the building is nearly complete now. (It's just a couple of terraced houses) There is no scaffolding, and the crane has gone. They are just finishing off the inside.

She's not there. I'm really worried now. My friend who's on this site came out to see me (maralum) tonight, and I thought I heard Ziggy's bell on her collar, but no. The window was open in my house and Links was running around so it was his collar I could here.

Thanks for all your support everyone, it's really appreciated, I really need it with the way my life is going at the moment. It's just one thing after another.

Come Back Ziggy, Mummy misses you!!!!!!
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I am sending out Prayers for the safe return of Ziggy. She's a beautiful cat!
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www.lost-pets.org might help you find Ziggy
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What a beautiful girl Ziggy is. I'm so sorry she is lost. Please go home Ziggy!

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Come home, Ziggy!!!! You have your Mom worried sick!
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Aw - just found this. Come home Ziggy. Mommy misses you.
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