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hello i'm new and this is my first post here. the reason I am posting is because I was playing with my cat the other day (we have this game where he runs behind the couch and pops out at different ends) and I grabbed his tail to trick him, unfortunately it spooked him and he took off like a bat outta hell while I was still holding his tail! Now his tail was still moving and stuff so I thought nothing of it.

Now he is in pain and can only sit in certain positions. The pain is at the base where his tail connects to his back. I was going to wait a few more days and see if he got better or what, but tonight (about 5 nites after incident) I noticed him licking it frantically, HE WAS BLEEDING OUT THE ANUS, so now I am worried sick about my poor cat what should I do?????? My friends rekon because the tail isnt paralyzed it should heal up good but I just don't want to risk my cats health at all.
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Hi there

Take him to the vet straight away, whether or not the tail looks ok on the outside there sounds like there is something wrong on the inside, especially if there is blood and he is having discomfort sitting down. Please keep us posted to how he does i hope its nothing too serious.

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If he's bleeding anally, something is wrong: I have no idea what, but something isn't right. PLEASE, get him there right away!

I'll be sending blessings and good vibes your way.

Let us know what happens!

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yea I took him to the vet, apparently it looks like he has been bitten by something on the back area, there were like 2 abcesses or what ever they are called the vet said, he is gettin them drained or somethin, gettin anethesia to put him 2sleep while they do it.
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That's good. It looks like you didn't cause it after all! You will probably have to put him on antibiotics for a while after they drain the abcesses.
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Probably he didn't spook when you grabbed his tail... it likely was an unfamiliar pain due to the bite. On the plus side, you may not have noticed the abscess until much later otherwise, so it's a good thing that your game brought it to your attention, right? Abscesses and infections can be a pretty serious business, so anything that gets him into the veterinarian that much earlier is a bonus, I think.
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Pleased everything is ok

Anna and Dexter
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Thank goodness he is ok!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad that you found his problem, and I'm sure you feel much better now, knowing that it wasn't your fault!!!!
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I am glad to hear that your cat is ok. It is good that the abcess was able to be drained quickly. When my kitten had to have an infection drained from her spay incession the vet told me to have her lay on warm towels or heating pad as much as possible to help with the swelling and make sure things drained completely. I put a heated throw blanket on top of my bed and it also seemed to help my cat feel more comfortable. Did you vet mention this to you? It may be helpful to your kitty.
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