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Moving with a cat!

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I need some help,for a friend at work,She is moving to Florida from New York. The cat has only been a car to vet. vists.she wants to know if there is something she can give him to keep him calm? I told her someone here can help her.She plans to use a carrier,and let him out while in the running car,w/food,water and litter box. Thanks for your help. Sherral
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Give her this link and tell her to contact AnimalLand. They are really good about emailing tips to help her out.

Pet Transport
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Most of my cats love travelling! Hercules sits right on my lap! My friend has a sleeper on the back of his truck (like a canopy only smaller) that is set up for the cats. I started travelling with my cats when they were kittens, that's why they love to go for rides!
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I know it will be a longer drive, but please don't let the cat 'loose' in the car. As Vikki said, the last thing you want happen is for the cat to go jumping at the gas/brake peddle!

Has your friend ever used a harness or leash on the cat? You could use that as an alternative than keeping the cat confined in the carrier.

I would also do some trial runs with the cat so it will get use to the car before the big trip arrives (and so the cat knows that the car does not always equal trip to vet!). By doing the trial runs, she will be able to get a sense of how 'anxious' the cat will be.
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Hope everything goes well with your friends move! I don't have anymore advice then what you have already gotten.
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The idea of a larger crate for the long trip is a really good one. We needed to go to Chicago and were planning on taking the cats with us. We never made the trip, but we got them prepared by taking them on short trips in their regular crates. This way they learned that a trip in the car doesn't always mean a trip to the Vet, and that they get out at the end of it and everything's fine.

Please tell your friend NOT to let the cats free in the car! The last thing they need is a scared cat bolting out the door at a gas station stop and not being able to find kitty in an unknown place!!!!!!!!

There are tips on moving (not traveling) and links to a great anxiety remedy product in the Cat S.O.S. forum. Here's the link to that thread: Looking For Help

Please wish them luck!
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