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Please help!!!

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My cat was hosptialized last week for crystals in his urine. He is now on 3 differnt meds and they put him on Hills c/d. when he first came home he gorged the hills food. Now he barely eats. My cat LOVES food and I'm worried. I called th vet and they said he is being stubborn and it's important that I keep him on this diet. Please help i don't know what to do!
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btw he ha sonly been home for 1 week
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I wonder if he would do better on a science diet brand or a purina brand with a similar composition.... It seems like the vets buy one brand and stick with it in their practice.
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Perhaps you can tempt him by adding some taste enhancers, a little cooked chicken? Pet stores also sell gravy in bottles that can be squirted on food.

Struvite crystals in the urine form when the urine is too alkaline. You can talk to your vet about adding a little cranberry powder to the food to help acidify it more, and you can also buy litmus paper and test your cat's urine fairly easily, thereby allowing you to see a problem before it gets to the point where more crystals are formed.
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Years ago, I had 2 cats that had problems w/ UTI: the infection was cleared up w/ antibiotics, and they were put on the Science Diet food. I myself never had any problems w/ them after that, but I've read that SD isn't all it's cracked up to be. Hopefully, one of the "experts" here will be able to guide you in the right direction.

I hope your kitty continues to improve! Keep us updated!

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You might see if your vet can get you the Royal Canin S/O food. Some cats find it more palatable than the c/d. Are you feeding canned or dry? Also, your vet's suggestion that your cat is being stubborn concerns me. Is he/she not aware that cats who don't eat are at risk for fatty liver disease? You cannot starve a cat into eating a food they don't like--they will start burning body fat, which makes them feel full, and they won't start eating food on their own without intervention. In really overweight cats, this can happen within a day or two of no food. It can also happen with too little food for a longer period of time. I would ask about other prescription diets. If the vet won't help, seek a second opinion.

Also, are you feeding canned or dry? Science Diet c/d comes in two flavors, chicken and seafood, so it might be worth trying the other. Canned is really helpful for cats with crystals as it helps dilute the urine. A water fountain can also encourage them to drink more water, which also helps form dilute urine.
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I agree with cloud_shade. You could also try adding some low-sodium chicken broth to the canned food to make it more palatable. Or see if your vet will recommend some place to start with home-made diets. The doctors at my clinic sometimes will give out recipes for "prescription" homemade diets.
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he has diarriha I feel so bad. I gave him so of his old food just to give him a little something. i will call my new vet tomorrow. i was speaking to th er peoplebefore. im really scared although he is pooping and peeing
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He is not eating anything but he is drinking. i will take him in tomorrow. poor baby im so upset
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Can you try finger feeding or spoon feeding him? Sometimes that will encourage them to eat. Also, warming the food slightly (a few seconds in the microwave) can help make the food smell more strongly and be more enticing. Definitely go back to the vet tomorrow, but these are things that might help for tonight.
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thank you cloud shade you have been a big help
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No problem. I've been through those panicky times with my own cats, particularly when they are not eating. My boyfriend's kitty had a urinary blockage a few years ago, too, so I know how hard that is.
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so i got royal cainn so and my cat is eating a few bites at a that good or still not enough. also he is only eating outing of my hands. This cat was the biggest eating before all this!what do ou think
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he is only eating the royal cainn out of my hand . do i have to feed hm out of my hand forever now
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Poor munchkin. My cat had FUS/Cystitis a few weeks ago. It turned out that the stress factor that caused it was a mixture of my fiancee leaving to boot camp and the new adopted kitten. Poor girl was so stressed, she gave herself this horrible condition. She had struvite and bilirubin crystals in her urine.

I was so against giving her a prescription diet because I just cannot compromise on her diet because of this one condition. So I spoke to a like-minded vet and got great info from this forum and decided to switch her completely over to Nutro canned. She has been doing GREAT!!! And she loves the Nutro. Another thing I think helped her and me was that I read to her from "A New Natural Cat" about FUS and what the possible stressors could be. Yes, I read to my cat. I told her that I was worried about her and that I knew she was worried because I was worried and because Roly was gone and everything else, but I would try to feel better so she could also. It must have worked!!!

What were you feeding him before (sorry if you posted that, I'll go back and look). Canned helps with crystals...and adding Vitamin C does as well. I forgot to mention I have been adding Vitamin C to her food. It helps with stress. What makes Nutro special for this condition is the DL-Methionine in the recipe. This helps to acidify the urine and dissolve the crystals.

I found a great site with awesome info about this condition and can't find it. Send me a PM if you're interested and I'll see if I can email it to you. I'll most likely have to scan and email it.

Good luck with your baby!!!!
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