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New baby pics

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The new kittens are home! They were very scared at first, but by the end of the evening they were playing happily and doing all the things they should (eating, drinking, using the box). I finally pulled out my camera to take some photos:

Bastian: "I'd love to get my picture taken, but I'm just sooo sleepy!"

"Lemme just take a quick nap..."

Griffin: "Never mind him, you can take my picture Mom!"

"Aren't I adorable?!"

"Okay all rested up now - let's play!"

"Hide and seek anyone?"

"Hey, what's your name? Wanna wrestle?"

"Maybe it's time for another nap now..."

"Yeah, me too..."
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None of the other cats were too thrilled about our new additions, but they each responded in their own ways.

Delilah took a quick look, gave a half-hearted hiss, then returned to her throne to reign over all kitties in the kingdom.

Piper was appropriately horrified, and looked at us with disgust from the top perch of the cat tree for the rest of the evening.

Blue, though, took it the hardest. After hissing and growling at everyone, she just couldn't take it anymore, and asphyxiated herself.

Just kidding. She is currently not speaking to any of us, but I'm sure she'll come around eventually!
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Aww look at those little sweeties. Congrats on your new babies.
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beautiful babies. *giggles at the blue reference*
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They are adorable. Can't wait to watch them grow up
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Thanks for checking them out! They are littermates (Ragdolls), but Griffin is much larger than Bastian. That doesn't stop Bastian from tackling his big brother, though! They are currently living in my bedroom until the older cats get a little more used to the idea of having little brothers around.
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What great pics - poor Piper

Hopefully they'll all be buddies soon.
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Awwww look at those babies ..... I love Bastians white legs. They both are adorable.....

Hopefully the introductions will continue to go as smoothly as possible

Poor Blue
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Such beautiful babies! I love Griffin. I have a real soft spot for flame points. Please, keep the pictures coming so we can watch them grow up.
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Too cute for words!! Priceless photo of Blue though.
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I love your captions! Those are some really cute babies! I'm jealous!
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They are adorable!!!!!
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Are there kittens under all that fuzz?
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