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Blocked Tom -HELP!!

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So I am having problems with Dusty-in the last 3-4 months now he has reuccurung blockages. The last one being tonight, I have run U/A and had never found anything before tonight. We found a very high specific gravity, some white bloods cells and TONS!!! of triple phosphate crystals, that were no there a month ago. I know I should really switch his food, but all the urinary foods contain chicken and little Uno is sevely allergic. Any suggestions from anyone as to what to do or feed. I give him Cosequin for cats at night and Buprenex for pain-I NEED HELP!!!!
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I don't know where you live in Colorado, but you have one of the top vet schools in the country in your state.

PM Sharky. She's the resident food expert on here.

Thoughts and prayers headed you way.
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Originally Posted by Mom of 4 View Post

PM Sharky. She's the resident food expert on here.

I hope you can get some effecient results. Sending prayers & good vibes your way!

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Are you feeding dry or canned? Is there any way they could be fed separately?
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here is an update on Dusty-after spending the weekend at the emergency room and having to be sedated to remove the blockage, I took him back to where I work and yesterday we did a perineal urethrostomy for him. It was my only choice with him since I already feed him both wet and dry food and there is no food that I can find that is meant for urinary problems and does not contain chicken. He made it through the surgery well and is recovering today, and seems to be doing great! His back end though looks horrible-but in time will heal and he will atleast be able to pee again. Please keep good thoughts out for our poor Dusty.
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Oh my. Poor Dusty. For his recovery.

Did you get recommendations for different food options?
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no, so far I have not recieved any recommendations for food but I am starting for an all cat hospital vet here in a few weeks and I will ask them if they have any other suggestions for him-with 8 kitties it does make it difficult to make sure all of them have what they need as far as special items, ie: food and medicine. I am hoping that there is something out there that will help him other than the massive surgery he just went through.
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I would recommend an all canned diet, and that you ask your vet about Methigel. Maybe you could supplement intermittently? You could let his urine PH be your guide as far as when to use it.

My vet has performed several p/u surgeries, and only one cat (who is on c/d) still has issues on/off. Good luck!
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I have never heard of Methigel-what is it and is it a prescription? I have had Dusty home now for 2 dys and he seems to be doing great! a little incontinent but that will happen for a few days. I have been keeping him pain free with Buprenex and I am thinking about letting him have run of the house this evening, we will see how much bleeding and urine leaking he does today.
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Methigel is a urinary acidifier.

No prescription is needed, you can buy is here or your favorite online veterinary supply site. It may be available at some pet/feed stores but I haven't seen it. Talk to your Vet about using it of course.
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thanks I will look into it-I am starting work as a vet tech with an all cat hospital on the 19th and will ask them if they have any other ideas but it certainly cannot hurt any worse than his poor butt does now. He is recovering well and we have let him have run of the house tonight-doing well so far. Keep your fingers crossed!
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Maybe try a raw diet????
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