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Has anyone been on Plavix or known anyone who was on it? I found out Thursday that my cardiologist is going to put me on it for 3 months on Monday along with a baby aspirin because of my heart procedure. I'm really scared. I know it's for only 3 months, but still....
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Nothing to worry about

It will thin your blood, as will the baby aspirin. So you will notice that if you cut yourself you may bleed a little longer than you normal will before it stops, because your blood will be thinner. If you go to the dentist make sure you tell them that you are on "Plavix" and low dose "ASA". You might also find that your periods may last a little longer than normal. You may also find that you might bruise easier than normal. If you start to notice unusual bleeding in your gums or elsewhere and large bruising without a reason behind it, notify your doctor

EDIT: I forgot. You shouldn't drink alcohol while taking it either because alcohol is also a blood thinner. So stick to non alcoholic beverages
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My father has been on Plavix for several years, since his heart attack. He does tend to bleed longer when injured (cut, scrape or even a cat scratch), but other than that, has no problems with it at all. It is kind of expensive though!
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I have been on a daily dose of Plavix since December 2004 after I had a stroke. I haven't had any problems with it except the normal side affects. I bruise very easily now. My husband will ask where a bruise came from and I will have no idea. Like others have said, it will also take longer for little cuts to stop bleeding. LOL I was eating a potato chip and my lips were extremely dry. One chip nicked my bottom lip and it took forever to stop bleeding.

But the side affects are tolerable compared to the alternative. I was lucky in that my stroke was a small one that just affected my speech. After therapy I was able to return to my customer service job after 7 weeks.

It can be expensive but if you have good perscription insurance it is managable. I pay $60 for a 3 month supply through my insurance's mail order.

So don't be scared, you will do fine!
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My old co-worker has been on that for a while now. Her only issue is bruising. But she's pretty heavily medicated so it could be a combination of her blood thiners and things.
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