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Simon's test video - Should I put it on Petfinder?

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Here's the test video I made of Simon for Petfinder! What do you guys think?

Comments can I make it better? I want to do things like this for a bunch on the adoptables, because that way people can see more than 3 pictures of them! Eventually, I'll add short video clips in there too. And maybe some music....

I just watched it....previewed my post & obviously I'd want to spell wirehaired right! But, other than that?
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I love it!! I think it's great!
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Can you move the text to the bottom of the pictures more? That way Simon's soulful eyes hold the viewer's attention for a longer period of time.
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I'm fiddling with it a bit. Adding videos to it is throwing me. I save all my videos & pictures together when I load when I want to upload a video it is being difficutl.
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Oh Nat I love it .......... I love that sweet baby too...... look at those beautiful soulful eyes.

See if you can upload to too....... play around there. There is already music there and you can zoom in and out and do all kinds of angle tricks and its free.
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I love it! Can you end with something like, "Just think how much I would love being with you." or "I would love a new home." ...or something like that to end it. I swear, if I lived in MN I would be after him.
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Watching it once I though it was pretty good. then you wanted comments so I watched it again and came up with the following

1) the text. Move it lower on the screen.
2) dissolves. Consider having more soft dissolves between photos instead of the hard picture changes.
3) ending text. Keep it simple. less text is better IMO. something like. "I'm irresistible" or just 'irresistible'. or have a final picture of his face or just his eyes and have a text 'look into my eyes' or 'how can you say no'. At least have some text that refers to the pictures in some way and not refer to him having changed. Someone might wonder if he was a bad type of dog and not want to give him a chance

I do not have sound turned up on my comp. so I dont know if this has sound or not. Either way the pictures grab my attention, so if there is no sound I am good with it.

Again just my opinion.
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Alright. I finalized it....for now. This is what I'm putting on Petfinder tonight.

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I'm still learning this program, but I can't find a way to lower the text or raise it. When I get a chance, I've got to take a crash course in the program so my next video is better!
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what program are you using? I am somewhat familiar with windows movie maker and VideoWave 7. Enough so that I help my wife make dvd's for the family. Also can tell me what type of file you save the video in?
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Windows movie maker is what I'm using. The problem with telling you what type of file I saved the video in is that I don't know. It's a .MOV file....if that helps any?
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Honestly, that is amazing! Very nice. I think you will be beating them off with a stick! I especially like the end with the star fade-in.
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With the cost of Rx C/D for him for life....I'm sure that will scare people away! All well, he's fine here until someone who really gets him comes along!
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I like it! I think it's a great way to show his personality!
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it's an excellent did great! made me wanna adopt him!
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