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Not drinking much

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I've noticed since starting Popsie on wet food he hasn't been drinking much water. First I was feeding him bite sized morsels in gravy which he ate at first. Then I switched to patte because he was only licking the juice out of the morsels again. I mix a little water in with the patte and he's lovin it. I just don't see how a can of wet food a day could be enough fluid intake for him to not be thirsty. I give him fresh water everyday so I don't know what's going on.
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Jack barely drinks any water. He gets what he needs from his canned food.
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It stands to reason that the more water he gets from food, the less he will need to drink. I have noticed with my own cats, they hardly even touch the water bowls any more. Most of their food is canned with extra water added, so they get almost all they need that way. It's a more natural way for cats to live - they would get most of their fluids from prey in the wild.
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Zoe does the same thing....even with drinking less, she pees more (bigger clumps in the litter).
I know it doesn't make a lot of sense, but she's obviously getting fluid better (or at least processing things better) from eating mostly to all canned diet.
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First off, great job switching over to canned food! You and your kitty will be so glad that you did!

Regarding water intake, in the wild, cats are not big drinkers... they receive almost all of their water intake from their prey (mice and rodents). The typical mouse is composed of 66% water. A canned diet has around 78% water. A dry diet is only about 10%. I would say he's probably fine, especially if you are also adding water to his food. Certainly it is no surprise that he does not need to drink as much as he did before. He is consuming 8 times the amount of water in his diet than he was before! And I am sure his urinary tract thanks you!

If you are worried, think about buying a fountain (I think Drinkwell is the best). That is what I did with my boy, even though he is already on canned food. Extra water doesn't hurt!
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Switching to wet food was a smart move and your cat will get more water that way too. My cat drinks a lot more now that she has a water fountain. (I don't see her drinking more, I'm just going off of how much larger her kitty litter clumps are, lol). I bought the Petmate Fresh Flow but there are several on the market.
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