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hi, i'm new & desperate! (deaf cat)

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I've never posted here before but I'm hoping someone can help me out!!
I have an 8 month old kitten who is stone deaf and I have no clue how to discipline him. I know the territory with kittens, so I've resigned myself to a life of destroyed furniture and stuff like that, but he doesn't have the grace and agility that normal cats do (I assume his equilibrium is messed up if he's deaf), which results in lots of spilled drinks and small things being knocked behind furniture.
I can't take it anymore!
I (obviously) can't tell him "NO," and NOTHING seems to discourage him. I tried squirt bottles, but he LOVES it!!! Mind you, this cat sits IN the bathtub when I shower.
Everytime I catch him somewhere he shouldn't be (or eating something he shouldn't be, like my eyeglasses) I give him a little tap on his nose, but it doesn't discourage him.
He also steps on my plate while I eat... he has literally picked up a sandwich in his paws before and stolen it... leaving me to have to wolf down my food before he catches on to the fact that I'm eating.

Are there any resources for deaf cat owners? (Besides valium?!) I haven't found any yet but if anyone knows of anything, or if any of you have ever dealt with tryng to train a deaf kitten, please get in touch through e mail or on here... I would REALLY appreciate it!
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Deaf kitties are wonderful, but they are also fearless! They can't hear the noises other cats hear that scare them, so they are into everything and I do mean everything.

You want to get this cat's attention without hurting him- so you want to start stamping your feet on the floor and vibrating the heck out of it, so the cat knows it is doing something it shouldn't, though it is just being a cat.

Bare in mind that his PH factor is totally messed up and he will lose his balance and fall. You can put double sided sticky tape down on the counters and attach aluminum foil to the counter where the cat is jumping up on. Cats hate the feel of that stuff on their paws.

If you go to the link below and look up under health resouces, you will find a few websites that deal with deaf cat issues.

I am moving this to the Behavior forum now, and will PM a member who recently adopted a deaf cat to come in and help you as well.
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Hello, I have 2 deaf cats myself - I am the one who Hissy is referring to.
Have you tried blowing in the cats face? Kahu (the younger one) is really great, he may be a little nosy, but he is a fast learner. Penka, on the other hand, was left to her own devices in the garage and she has to learn, but she is doing really well. If I see her trying to do something she shouldnt be doing, I just hold my hand in front of her and she looks at me, and I shake my head 'NO'
Hissy is right, they are fearless, they get into everything, but they are also wonderful companions, they follow you everywhere (Poor Kahu always gets stepped on, he is so little we miss him sometimes ) There is also a support group over at yahoo that focuses on deaf cats - its called deaf cats club and I have included the address - they will have wonderful advice. I am sure you will be okay with your deaf furrbaby, and you can teach him sign language, like for NO, or food - there is a website that teaches you ASL.

Good Luck!

Deaf Cats Club

American Sign Language
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Thanks Kell! I was just getting ready to PM you!
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Just wanted to let u know that I think it's AWESOME that u have a deaf cat! I have always wondered what it would be like to have a deaf cat especially since I am deaf myself! As of now, I have 3 cats of my own and about 5 feral cats so I can't adopt anymore at this time but someday, I will adopt a deaf cat.

I agree with Hissy about how to get attention- same concept on getting deaf people's attention vs getting deaf cats' attention. Stomping on the floor (if cement-it won't work- wood floor vibrates real good), waving hands, flashing lights usually works.
I don't have much advice regarding losing balance since that doesn't apply to me.

Enjoy having ur deaf cat! It'll be an adventure for u guys!
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i also have a 100% deaf kitty. her name is jingles and is about 8-9 months old. when we got her last september, she was very destructive towards everything. we got her to stop jumping on the counters by running her under water and she stopped tearing up the curtains when we put tape on the seals. She doesnt like tape, so we used that to train her. Our only problem with her now, is that shes not litter-trained. Good luck!
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Good luck with your deaf kitty. Try to have patience with her I know it gets aggravating sometimes but they are truly special cats. My cat in my siggy below (Sasha) is the most amusing cat I own and I have over 10. I also stomp my feet or just wave my finger in his face and blow and he knows better.
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Elmo? Could you explain your one statement you got her to stop by running her under water? Thanks!
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my kitty jingles, when she use to jump on the counters, my mom, brother, and sister use to run a light stream of water over her. I never did because she meowed really loud but now she doesnt do it. I hope i explained it enough to you, hissy. i just reread it and I think I gave the expression that we dunked her in water. I would never do that, sorry if I hinted that in any way .
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