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Oh boy, Stoli you've done it now.

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Remember when I asked about having locks on all my cabinet doors? And I was so happy it worked? Uh, yeah. Until yesterday.

We didn't put locks on the cabinets over the stove because Stoli had never ever ever tried to get in there.

Well, yesterday he wanted attention because we were napping. So he tried to get in the cabinet above the stove. He jumped, we heard him slide off the hood, then this horrible CRAAAASH. He had pulled the wooden cutting board down on the stove but there was a pyrex glass dish there and it hit that and shattered everywhere.


It was a sea of blue glass.

We put the boys in a room, I checked them for glass, then we proceeded to spend the next half hour cleaning and cleaning and cleaning the shards of blue glass.

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Stoli..... that's naughty, you could get hurt!
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He really does need 24-hour supervision, doesn't he? I hate cleaning up shattered Pyrex. At least it was blue and not clear.
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ohmiland! I am glad your guy is OK though!

I must be related to your Stoli because that looks like my kitchen at least 2-3 times a month. I am constantly breaking stuff! I cannot even own glass glasses.
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To date stoli has broken:
Potted Plant
2 Glasses

his dinner plate (he jumped on it and his fat little butt cracked it in half)

I'm very glad that I was home because Luxor would have thought that was candy.
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Oh no Im so glad the boys are ok. At least as an upside, you were there when it happened and now know you have to Stoli proof that cabinet, too.

The things my cats have broken the most are lamps. They have broken minimally 5 lamps that I can think of right now. Its always when Im asleep and I wake up the next morning to find it broken on the floor.
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Oh, wow, I do not envy you that task - but I'll add that to my list of TCS tips - tinted glass is always better.
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Oh I feel sorry for you but I'm glad no one was hurt. Those Pyrex dishes tend to shatter into a million tiny little pieces, yes, I've cleaned up a few in my day!
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...that's sure too bad that you lost a dish to your intrepid explorer's wanderlust. BUT you do have a very nice kitchen, btw. And I'm very glad the boys weren't hurt!
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Today Tiger got on the counter and knocked a glass bowl off the counter. My sister seen the little monster knock it off with his paw and then stare at the shattered mess on the floor.
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OMG!! As katachtig said, atleast it was colored glass so you could find it all and that your cats did not get cut.

My 2 would chase each other all over and end up trying to get on our island and send anything on it flying!!!!!
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I wonder if you can have a monster kitty clause added to your insurance
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Glad the kitties are okay!

I always thought that cats were graceful and never knocked over anything. Then Butzie walked across my dresser and knocked over all my pictures. What a guilty look she had!
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Naughty. . . these cats are all naughty including mine. . .

The good news is that no one is hurt, and the glass was colored. . .

By the way. . . I love the complaint department sign above the stove. . . awesome!
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Stoli! That is funny though, I liked the bit about Luxor breaking his own dish!
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