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Halloween Tricks?

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Anyone else play pranks on the neighbors on Halloween?

When I was growing up, a house down the road from me had the same garage door code as our garage door. This same house also NEVER did anything related to Halloween. No candy, no decorations, nothing. So for a couple of years we would open the garage door and wait and watch for kids (never the too young kids. mostly the older ones) to go into the garage (because a light was on) and knock on the door and then start to close the garage door and watch them run for it. Or with the young kids we would let them knock and wait till the owner came to the door and tell the kids they did not do Halloween, and then the owners would close the garage door. Only to have us reopen it a few minutes later. rinse and repeat.
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I never did, but when I was about 10, my brother and some neighborhood kids (all much older than me), did a Mischief Night run...

We had a dog, Barron. Back then, nobody cared about your dog running around the neighborhood, as long as they behaved. Barron was well-loved by the neighbors. Well, a new couple moved in up the street. Barron was simply crossing the woman's filthy, over-grown yard, and she threw enough stones at him to break his back legs (her excuse: he COULD have pooped on her lawn). She then called the SPCA, who took him away (he must have slipped his collar, as we were never called). At any rate, he was so damaged, they put him to sleep (why they didn't question how he got hurt, I'll never know). We somehow found out, and, since he was my brother's dog, my brother took it very hard. Nobody liked these nasty neighbors before; they certainly didn't then...

Fast forward to the night before Halloween (Mischief Night). Someone should've taken stock out in Charmin, eggs, and spray paint...;-) Rumor has it, brother and some neighborhood kids had a grand old time that night...but nobody was talking. Good for them. I don't usually condone defacing someone's property, but these ###$^^& jerks deserved it.

Dad got his revenge by calling the police, as their grass was about 12" high, in violation of the local weed ordnance. They were so lazy, they hired a kid to cut the lawn.

They moved out about 3 months later. Rumor has it that the nieghbors, upset over Barron, made their lives mighty unpleasant!
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The thing we used to do was contaminate the sweets that would be dished out. We used to cut open Chewits, and put pumkins seeds, mustard, salt and pepper etc in them. Then we would wrap them back up and give them to the trick-or-treaters. Never the ones who brought parents with them though.

With the older ones, we would through things out the window above the front door, like watr followed by flower, or crack eggs and pour it on them.
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