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new puppy

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I haven't been on in the last couple of months....due to having this little guy (Finn - 5 months old) entering our lives...Just wanted to show everyone who has been keeping me and the cats busy. (they tolerate him and sometimes Lovey even plays with him when in the mood!)
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He is adorable. Congrats! (even if its a little late )
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He is a cutie!
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He looks like he can keep you on your toes. Such a cutie!!

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**gasp** Gorgeous!!

Is he a Boston? I love that breed!
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Aw - isn't he sweet? I noticed you hadn't been on in a while. What a nice reason!
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Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love the little thing!!!!!!!!!!!!
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He is adorable!!
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Awww...he's adorable
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He's such a cutie!!
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Awww he is so adorable!!
I love Boston Terriers! I plan on getting one in the future.
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