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hairballs and vomiting undigested food

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My cat gets hairballs about once every two weeks or so, more frequently if/when we brush him. He also vomits undigested food more frequently, maybe once or twice a week.

Vet recommended using Laxatone for the hairballs, but after about two doses he just turns his nose up at it now. Tried putting it on his paws or cheeks and that just makes a mess.. So that stuff doesn't work for me.

I feed him Nutro Natural Choice, indoor. I have tried free feeding and also feeding small ammounts. He seems to eat too much or too quickly, so regardless how much or how frequently I feed him, he still gets sick some times.

Is there just a better food that will help with both symptoms?
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I put the laxatone right on the roof of my cats mouth. I also feed Eukanuba Hairball which has helped tremendously in the last 2 months.
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Your on a food formulated for hairballs and IMHO a good one ( I wouldnt touch the above mentioned).... You may need to go to the REGULAR natural choice ... soy protein is in the indoor and can cause issues in some cats

Have you elevated his dish??? wet food added to the diet ???
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