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Sunday DT

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Hi everyone!

It is snowing like crazy here. Hubby got called out at around 5:00am to run the plow.

Not much planned for today. I need to run to the office to do payroll because tomorrow I am in a meeting all day (out of town).

My to-do list today includes: shower, getting dressed, laundry, kitty litter, emptying garbages, and just basically picking up around the house. Goind to the office. Maybe I'll get a couple of different meals pre-made for the week. Yeah...okay, my main goal is to at least accomplish one thing on my to-do list!

Hope you guys all have a great day!

I'll be online today and then I'll only be back tomorrow night sometime.

Cindy.....are you wearing shorts again today????? I have to opt for a snowsuit...
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Ghyslaine, I always had a burning question, how do snow plow drivers get to work if it is snowing?
Today is a quiet day, meeting up with some friends and then we will watch the superbowl - as a kiwi, I am not interested so I will probably be online here, or reading a book or playing Kingdom Hearts.
I watched About a Boy, and I loved it, the british humour was a breath of fresh air from american humour.
I hope it goes well for you Ghyslaine, and have fun in the meeting - how did the management like the incentive ideas that cat siters gave you?

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I have two exams tomorrow so I will most likely be studying most of the day. I'm so scared for my biology exam because as soon as I get the paper in front of me, my mind totally goes blank. English should be okay because I can just guess my way through that.

I'm in the process of renovating my bedroom so the whole house is a total disaster. We're panelling the walls and I have to paint the trim before dad gets to the doorframe.

If I have time after that, I think I might go get a price-reduced chicken for the cats outside. There's nothing wrong with the chickens, but they always put them down to half price on Sunday because they are last week's stock. (LOL, yes, I live in farm country...). I got them one last week, and they even stole the plate it was on. I have yet to find it. Poor guys, it's soooo cold out there.
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Two words: Super Bowl
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Too early, for shorts, yet. We got up to 79, yesterday.

I'll be shampooing the carpet in the Arizona room, today. When I got up, I found a not-so-nice present from Pearl.

Rowdy's on a rampage. She's trying to help Bill cook breakfast. So far, she's been into the dishwasher, refrigerator and pantry. When Bill ran her out of the kitchen, she came in here, sat on the back of my chair and played with my hair. Opie is staying out of her way. Can't say, that I blame him - its too early, for romping.

Have a good one.
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sockiesmom, good luck on your exam!

Kellye, that's the dangerous part about being on the roads department. Hubby needs to get to work first and yes, I worry at times. Especially in the freezing rain. He has a 4X4 pick up that he uses strictly in winter time. Although this year, 3 of the workers have been carpooling together. No matter what the weather is, they have to make it to work. Even if it means walking to work.

To all the Super-bowler's. Have a great day! I'm not into that but I know many are.

I have accomplished a load of laundry so far, a few phone calls and I've made the beds! Not bad....still have much more to tackle. It's still snowing out and I do hate that because I need to get to the office also. Maybe I'll be heading there only later tonight.
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It's snowing like mad here in Cleveland too. 5 to 6 inches on my roof, with a few more expected from the storm before it stops and THEN a few inches of lake-effect snow tonight. I was supposed to go to a Super Bowl get-together tonight, but since it's over 30 minutes away, I'm not going (unless it suddenly becomes 80 degrees and everything melts). The roads around my apartment building are still snow-covered and everyone is driving 10 miles an hour.

So, instead I'm planning on doing some cleaning, maybe take a nap, and be online. Everyone have a good, safe, Super Bowl hap-hap-happy day!

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Shhh! I'm feeling a little delicate today. I went out disco-dancing with some friends last night and ended up coming home at 4.30am. I don't think I'll be awake to see the start of the Superbowl - it starts at 11pm here. Today I have achieved nothing and the only thing I need to do is some laundry, make dinner, and pamper myself in front of the TV with a box of left-over choccies from Xmas.

Good luck with the exam Sockiesmom.

Kiwi - if you want a "nice" British film to watch, seek out "Bend it like Beckham" - a nice gentle funny film about a young Sikh girl wanting to play football, plus it is set in my home town (Hounslow, west London). A chick-flick, but my s/o enjoyed it as well.

Hope everyone has a good Superbowl Sunday.
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Claiming Deb's two words here also: "Super Bowl!"

Other than that, it is raining like a sum of a gum! All the cats except one are in the house to get away from the storm. I think I counted eight when I slid out of bed.

Whisker's Mom you be careful driving in that nasty stuff! Cindy sounds like Rowdy lives up to that name!

Sockie's mom good luck with your exam. Keep the chicken broth and dribble it over the outside kitties dry food, it will help them stay warm. I always make a bunch and freeze it in small plastic bags and defrost in the microwave, pour it over the dry food in the winter time, the kitties love it and it gives them their extra fat they need.

Ki what book are you reading? I am reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (again) Love that book.

Other than that, hope to connect with Anne today so we can discuss some business. Her babysitter is ill so she has two babies to take care of today, versus one. Issac is home, but weak and resting for the most part.

Everyone have a good day!
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not raining here yet. Our super bowl party got cancelled because our host got called into work, so we're just going to watch it here. Or rather, Mike is, and I'm going to sit with him and knit. I have strep throat, I think. My tongue's white. And it's been over a year since I've had that! Ah, well. Gonna tough it out, since I can't afford a doc visit and antibiotics. I'm making taquitos for snacks, and we have chips and dip. At least I don't have to go anywhere! I'll probably make Mike go get me some grapes and cran-grape juice for my throat! I'm gonna curl up on the couch with my heating pad and a blanket!
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Hissy - I have read all of the Harry Potter books over and over, I cannot get enough of them! Right now I am reading 'The Lovely Bones' by Alice Sebold, about a young girl who is murdered and is telling the story from heaven. I just finished reading 'A girl named Zippy' and I loved it - its about a happy childhood in a little town in Indiana - it makes for a refreshing change from books about sad/bad childhoods. There is another book I read all the time called Boys Life by Robert McCammon, and its soo good, about the magic of childhood.

Flimflam, I will look out for the Bend it LIke Beckham movie, i love british movies! (dont tell the americans, but I love british movies better than american )

I have a question for anyone who knows, is 3'3" a bit too tall for a child of 2 years old? My son is that tall now and I am a little concerned about it. I am concerned about the stability of his bones as he is growing so fast, he has grown 4 inches in 6 months!

Have a wonderful day everyone and be careful Ghyslaine!
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Yup, Super Bowl for me too. That and working on Valentine's Cards for all the kitties on Trent and Ophelia's list. I'm about 1/2 done with the first one that I was working on all yesterday afternoon. Good thing I, I mean, we got started early!

It's supposed to be a really nice day - high around 60. We may even open the windows for some fresh air.
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I'm hanging around the house cooking and getting ready for the week. We just got back from our grocery shopping at the commisary (man that place is cheap!)

I've got a veggie soup simmering on the stove, washed and made up my salads for the week, fixed spagetti with hot links for the S/O to have this week and am going to get a couple other meals made for us before the day is over. I've just started doing food prep on sundays for the week and man does it make a difference. We still have 'homemade' warm meals during the week without half the effort.

All my fruits and veggies are washed and ready so I have no excuses not eat healthy this week. I've handicapped myself to succeed! Much better than setting myself up to fail which I'm trying to guard against. I eat so much better if the (healthy) food is there ready to grab, because when I'm really hungry I will grab whatever is easiest no matter how bad it is for me. Now all the good stuff is easy.

Ghys, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I lost my mother to cancer 11 years ago. She died the day after I graduated from high school. I know how difficult it is to watch a loved one waste away. My thoughts and prayers and with you and your family.

MA, we just finished up HP GOF last weekend (I've read it 3x, was getting the S/O up to speed)! We're all ready for #5!!!

I think I smell something burning!

have a great day y'all!
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Thanks for the good luck wishes, you guys.

And Hissy, I'll be sure to save the broth. I'm still kind of perplexed as to why the cats took the plate last week though, lol. It was just a cheap, plastic, dollar store plate, and I had it sitting out in front of the window. They ate their meal (which was chicken and leftover pork roast. I don't know if that's good for them?) and then the biggest orange cat proceeded to push the plate over behind our big pine tree. I went back there to get it and it wasn't there... Hmmmm.
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the british humour was a breath of fresh air from american humour.
Kiwi, Do you get BBCAmerica? If so there is a hilarious show on called Coupling. I die laughing almost every episode. Manchild is pretty funny. The thing is, I can't stand American sitcoms, they drive me batty cause they're NOT funny! For humor, I watch BBCAmerica.

My s/o went to a Super Bowl party, I wasn't into it. I'll watch it, but I wanted to stay home, and he's going with the guys. I also have a stack of papers to grade and lesson planning to do.

I'm going to make black bean soup in the crockpot, do some dishes, and get to work on my school stuff.

Sockiesmom, Good luck on your exams.

I love Harry Potter, too. I am reading The Sorcerer's Stone to my one class at school. I really believe reading to students is important, too. At home, I am reading The Fellowship of the Ring again. Tolkien was such a great writer.
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my biggest news of the day is that we just got everything up and running so i am online at home!!! woo-hoo!!!

hope everyone is staying safe and warm!
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I worked today,nursing home's never close! Off tommorrow!YA YA! Going to watch the Super Bowl,with me hubby & eat chips & dip.Ted made our Super Bowl dinner we have every year,Chili ,which has cooked on the wood stove all day.yum yum!
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Jan, looks like we are both going to be here more often!!

Super Bowl is starting....I'm off!
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