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What is your favorite animal (besides cats)

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Don't know if this has been asked before.

What is your favorite animal (or animals) besides cats?

Mine if you havn't already guessed from my sig (lol) is parrots. I am a proud crazy bird lady. They are so smart and its kind of like having a little human toddler around. They are so full of character and I can't imagine not having them around.

Charlie is my big mommas boy. He is like a big blue feathered puppy. He is very playful and loves to cuddle. He will lay on my chest and let me pet his head. He likes to roll over on his back and play, laughing the whole time. He does talk but it wouldn't matter to me if he didn't. His favorite things to say are: I want out, Ma (to call to my mom), comere, you're a prettttty biiiird, you're a good bird, uh oh, and he laughs, quacks like a duck and barks like a dog (he likes for me to sing Old McDonald to him )

He is a big smarty too. He can open his cage doors so I have to keep a lock on them. He likes to unscrew things and loves puzzle type toys.

He is the boss around here and all the cats know it.

The cockatiels are full of character too and are very sweet and gentle. They are my favorite type of bird. I usually have 2-4 tiels on me at all times when I am in their room. I have a few cuddlers but the ones that arn't are sweet in their own way. The boys love to have singing contests and I could sit in there all day with them.

My 2nd favorite animal would have to be dogs. I havn't had one of my own in a few years and I really miss having one around.
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Parrots here also! I've always had birds my whole life. I currently have Jasper, a Senegal Parrot who is 6 years old.

EDIT because I didn't say why I like parrots - they are just so intelligent (one of the most intelligent creatures of the animal kingdom along with great apes and dolphins), they really do like to make you laugh, and are very very loyal and loving.
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Well, if we cant go with big cats. I would love to have a wolf.
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Dogs. Actually they're tried with cats for the top. I would love to have a dog, but B doesn't ever want to own one.

Secondly are Guinea Pigs. I raised 2 throughout college and I absolutely adored them!
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I have more Corn Snakes than I do Cats

I love them, they are beautiful, colorful, & fun for the whole family
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Horses. I learned to ride in Bear Mountain Park (NY) when I was four, and rode until my late teens, when the last local public stable closed. Never could afford a horse, but still love them. It's probably silly, but one of the best moments in my life, right up there with motherhood, was seeing Secretariat win the Triple Crown (alas, on TV), still the most amazing athletic performance by man or beast I know of. Of course, it's hard to pick up and snuggle a horse - cats are still the best for that!
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Dogs are definitely one of my favorite animals, followed closely by horses. My favorite non-domestic animal is a bear. I collect teddy bears and other bear things.
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Hummingbirds! I go bird watching, so birds in general, but I have my favorites.
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My favorite non-domestic animal is probably the otter. I could watch them for hours.

As far as a domestic animal? Hmmmm There's nothing that even comes close to my love of cats. I do like birds; they're extremely intelligent and affectionate but they are noisy, messy and require more attention and care than a lot of people realize.
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Dogs, but more specifically Newfies. All dogs are awesome, but after I adopted Boo I really started to have a thing for the Newfie breed... and then I met more Newfs and I just fell in LOVE!
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Giraffes!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!
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I have to say that this is a tricky one. I wish there were only about 20 different animals to chose from but there are hundreds!!!!

Ok, I absolutely LOVE The Capuchin Monkey, here's a picture:

Ok, 2 pictures....

They are just so cute and intellegent, why woiuldn't you like them?
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You've got to be kidding.....there's other animals to love besides cats?????

I'm happy to be here, in love with cats and with blinders on...
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OMG Those monkeys are sooooo cute!

I forgot about horses. I love them too. I used to have one named Emmy (she was kept at someone elses house). I havn't gone riding in years. I would like to have one again someday....along with a bunch of other farm animals lol.
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Goats! How could I forget about goats?! I adore them! If I had some land I would definitely have some goats (and just about every other farm critter lol).
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Horses are my first love. Before I die I WILL own a horse! I fell in love with them in the 6th grade when I read the Black Stallion series (and any other book I could get my hands on, after that) I think I knew how to ride before I even took lessons, I read so much about it. Now that we have 5 acres I think it is a possibility!!

Originally Posted by catcaregiver View Post
Goats! How could I forget about goats?! I adore them! If I had some land I would definitely have some goats (and just about every other farm critter lol).
My MIL just sold all of her goats, but she had some minatures that were adorable!! I didn't even know there WERE pygmy goats. There were just took cute, and they don't take up a lot of room. She kept them in a pen that was probably the size of a normal back yard. Maybe 10ft by 20ft?
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My horses
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pigs! I absolutely love pigs!

I think you can see by my avatar and all the gifts.
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I love rabbits & guinea pigs!!! I am very fond of pet rats and I like cows a lot too!
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gosh cats really are my animal...sorry!
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Cats for me too...
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hmmm besides cats i would have to say birds. i've had birds since i was little.
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My favorite animal ever is the cougar. As far as domestic animals aside from cats, I would have to say rabbits.
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Dogs - specifically sighthounds such as salukis, greyhounds and whippets. Very cat-like temperaments (especially the salukis).
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