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How do I get the cat to sit still???

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I've been trying my best to brush Pixie's hair (she's a Persian-mix) with a small round-tip wooden brush. She just cannot sit still while I comb her. Her hair has little knots on the rear and the underside. I've only managed to snip two, tiny matted lumps so far. I've tried using treats and distraction but she still eyes me with suspicion and tries chasing the brush around. I was thinking of getting those rubbery types where I can slip over my hand and go over her in a petting motion. Would that help?

When she came to me, her hair was already slightly matted although I did manage to sort some out. Help!
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I have a similiar problem with my cat, Snowball, (a DSH) moving around too much while he is being groomed. I sit on the floor while I groom him and I have found that if he is laying on my lap the grooming is a lot more tolerateable(sp?) for him and he will sit still. He allows me to groom him for a longer period this way, and I can remove a lot more loose fur. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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I find that it helps to have a cat treat there when I groom my cats (peedoodle hates to be groomed) and they keep him still while I brush him. I have no problem grooming Kahu, he loves it.
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For the ones who refuse to be bribed with treats, I have found the only method that works is force. I just put them in my lap and work on little sections of time. I take a break and play, then back to another section.
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there is also a really nifty comb out of the market called a Cat-a-Comb. It isn't so annoying or painful to use and even my most fidgety cats will sit still when I use this. I will try and scare up the link I have on it and post it here in a minute or two.
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It looks like we may be taking the plunge and adopting one of the cats we've befriended at the local humane society no-kill shelter. She's a domestic medium haired torti, very pretty, very soft with static! I'll have to remember the damp hands trick and try that on her if/when we bring her home.

Thanks for all the ideas!!
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