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Petrie is huge...

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I didn't really know where to post this but oh my gosh!! To me, Petrie is massive. I've never been much of a cat person but he's almost as tall as my boyfriend's biggest cats and he's already longer than them! Went to the vet yesterday and he's 9.6lbs.. Kicker is... HE'S ONLY 4 MONTHS OLD! He looks even bigger because he's got long legs and he's lanky! Here are pics.. Vet said at the rate he's going he'll be 20lbs easily.. What do you guys think?? I'm just shocked because I have a 1lb and 2lb yorkie puppies! lol

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Wow, he's gorgeous! And he's bigger than my adult cats!
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he is a very BIG boy oh my
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Wow, he's a beauty! Hopefully he is a gentle giant!lol
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he's big but so gorgeous and amazingly healthy looking...what a great cat...please post pics to show us how he grows.
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Only 4 months old?!? Trout is full grown and weighs 8 lbs!!

He is so pretty though
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Thank you all for your kind replies! I groom him more than I groom my yorkies! He eats better than I do! I love him! He's wonderful (except in the morning when he hears me waking up and leaps from his cat tree to my face and smothers me with head butts and purrs!! LOL)
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That's a big cat!!!:ekk:

I'll move this to fur pics for you...
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Yep, you got a big boy on your hands! Sounds like my Harley...the last time I took him to the vet he was almost 15 lbs, and the vet said he wasn't overweight! Watch your cat tree...I've had to replace mine twice because Harley still thinks he's a kitten and takes a flying leap to the top perch and has broken 2 of them off. If you can, reinforce it with heavy duty washers.

Your baby is gorgeous though...I LOVE his coloring! And, such a good cat to let you hold him like that. Mine would be squirming all over the place. Keep the pics coming!
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What a big, beautiful boy!

Sounds like my girl, Ivory, when she was 4 months old she was sickly and tiny, at 6 month, she was huge for her age.
She's two years old now @ 17 pounds, vet says she'll top off around 20 pounds as well.

Love those huge kitties
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He's gorgeous, I love big cats
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Wow, Ziggy is much smaller than that and she's fully grown!!!! I think my Links is going to be a big boy.
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