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Tabby Waving Arms

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Our 3 year old tabby wants a lot of sitting on your shoulder like holding a human baby while you gently pat his back almost like you would gently burp a human baby.
Very ofter while he is overjoyed at your doing this with his front paws hanging over your back he will lift and wave both paws up and down in unison as though he were climbing an invisible wall , swimming or as if he were waving at someone.
He is not in pain . This is when he is happiest at being held and talked to . What is he doing or what does this mean in cat language ?
Reminds you also of a toddler that will laugh and clap his hands together with arms raised if he is overjoyed with something. Instead of clapping though our tabby is lifting his body enough to raise both paws up and down in the air as he hangs over your shoulder and back just like you hold a human infant over your shoulder.
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I think it just means he's happy and he likes what you're doing.
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I have seen a kitty doing that very thing on America's Funniest Animals! Maia loves to hang over my shoulder as I walk around to, purrs like crazy and enjoys it when I dance with her there!
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This sounds like kneading, a lot of cats do this because they have to do it as a baby to get milk from the mother. When they grow up it often is just like a comfort/ happy thing.

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That's so cute!! My cat, Buster, does the same thing with the shoulder; he's a big baby! But he is adamant about it being the left shoulder. If you try putting him on your right shoulder, then he practically walks on top of your head to get to the other shoulder!
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i don't know what it means but it sure sounds adorable!!! i'm forever fascinated with cat behavior and what it all means. i wish there was a book out there with tons of different cat behaviors and their definitions.

enjoy it and welcome!!

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My RIP Brownie used to love being held like a baby. When he did this with our vet's assistance she thought it was so cute! Brownie used to love being rocked in my arms and every morning I would rock him and sing "Lavender's Blue" to him.
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