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Beauty really isn't getting better

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I am calling the vet in the morning. However Beauty has been sick for 10 days now. If it were a virus, shouldn't she be better now?

I've been force feeding her since Monday, giving her medicine regularly, etc. However she's throwing up phlem about 3-4 times a day, one of her eyes is now red and is snotty.

I'm just worried that it might be something else. Whitey and Patches caught the URI and have gotten over it.

The vet did change Beauty's med on Monday, but there really hasn't been any change.

B and I are just really concerned about her. Thanks everyone
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You should see improvement within 5 days. What meds were used originally & what meds now?
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She was originally on Clavamox last wednesday - Sunday.
This past Monday thru now I've been giving her Cefa Drops.
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I cant really offer advice, dont know enough.
i just hope she is feeling better soon
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Clavamox will lick the average URI, that which Beauty does not have. I agree that another vet visit ASAP is important....ask about Orbax or Baytril. We've used Baytril on kitties who have constant wheezing/URI.

Is there a possibility of underdosing on meds?
You'll probably need to add an anti-biotic eye ointment to the medicine regimen.
The phlegm is what really concerns me, if it is just a URI, there shouldn't be phlegm.
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For Beauty's recovery.
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I know with the Clavamox there was. She would foam at the mouth from it, and I could never get the full 1 mL dose in the dropper.

with the Cefa drops, I've been really good about getting the proper dose and getting it down without foaming.

Also the vet did do an x-ray at the last visit and pneumonia was ruled out (thank goodness)

Does Baytril or Orbix come in a liquid form? Reason I ask is because getting a pill down Beauty is like asking a dog to meow.
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They are both pill form.

You might consider asking about anti-biotic injections. They'll be more $$, but that way, you know she's getting the full dose. Sometimes, they're stronger than the oral antibiotics as well.
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Thanks! I may ask about that...after I see if B will do it. I have a fear of sticking needles in things that are still alive
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I think you can do it. We have to give Much injections because she throws up pills and liquids about 5 minutes after. It is a two person job for us though. Have the vet walk you through it.
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You could always find a compounding pharmacy near by and get the vet to call it in there and they could make it into a liquid.

Many vibes for your Baby
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for Beauty. I hope she gets better soon.
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I spoke with the vet office this morning. Beauty is now in the animal hospital being monitored.

Since she won't take pills, the figured this is the next best thing. This way she's getting an IV in her, getting several injections over the weekend, etc. She was down a 1 lb from Monday and down 2 lbs since she got sick. She was about 10.2 lbs 2 weeks ago, now she's 8.6.
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Hugs and vibes coming to you both.
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sorry i hope she gets feeling better fast.
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I was reading around and found this:

I don't know if they'll test for this or not, but I told them if they felt they needed blood work to give me a call. right now its all just strictly monitoring.
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Aw poor baby girl .......sending more vibes that she pass through this quickly
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I hope she gets better soon and that they can give her the oppropriate meds as soon as they know whats really wrong
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I hope she gets better soon.
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The vet just called and told me that they have her all set up. She has an IV in her and received her first antibiotic injection. She'll be back in the morning to check on her, and has her staff coming in and out of the office tonight and all day tomorrow to check on Beauty.

I feel bad for B as she's his cat. He's been really concerned about her, but was also concerned about leaving her at the vets. I don't view this as anything tragic, just a bump a the road.
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That was an interesting article. I have heard of Bartonella but I have never really done any research on it. Thanks for bringing that article to my attention. I hope Beauty gets well soon.
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