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Cat got into candy... worried

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We went to dinner this evening and for some really stupid reason my son left his bag of candy on the couch. One of our cats Koko kept trying to get in the bag of candy. I asked my son to put it up and stupid me did not make sure he did put it up.

When we came home there were wrappers everywhere (none were chocolate) most of the candy was there but the wrappers were torn and shredded everywhere. I pretty much know which of the furries were the responsible. Koko I know was one and so were both of the dogs. I have put one dog in his crate the other is currently grounded to her bed and Koko is in a crate so I can watch all of them.

None of them are throwing up or acting weird but I am worried about what might happen if they have eaten any of the candy. We are very new to the area we now live in and I have not gotten a vet yet.

I know our other cats didn't have any candy as Sweety only likes certain types of chicken and fish and Mario will not eat any type of people food or soft food of any kind.

Type of candy in the bag, smarties, gum, suckers, soft chewies and things of that nature. Again NO chocolate was in the bag.

I have always kept things like this up, I even have a pet proof trash can.
Should I be extremely worried?
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The gum would be my biggest concern--was it sugarless? If so, I would call an ER vet right now and ask for advice. The sweetener used in sugarless gums, xylitol, is very dangerous for pets.

I might call them anyway to ask for an opinion on how urgent the situation is. Do any of the critters have stickiness around their mouths? You might be able to narrow down who the culprit is.
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I'm surprised they ate all that sugar. The chocolate would be more dangerous. Did you check under chairs/couches for stray unwrapped candy? They might have played a little kill the candy with the pieces and not eaten much.
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I called a vet and they said they should be ok but would like to see them tomorrow. No one is getting sick as I have been keeping a very close eye on them.

The gum was the Dubble Bubble not sugarless. Not much candy was actually gone but the wrappers were everywhere. As far as we can tell only a small amount was eaten by someone. One of the furries likes smarties a couple of small packs were eaten.

I feel so stupid nothing like this has ever happened before, I would even tell other people make sure you keep your candy put up as most people keep chocolate around. I know chocolate is dangerous for animals.

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They should be ok as long as it was minimal and no chocolate. My cats have eaten candy before and have been fine.

I know of another member who has a cat who likes to lick peppermint and he has always been fine too.
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*nods* Yeah. Sugar isn't good for them, but it won't hurt them unless they get a lot of it.
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I would worry more about someone eating a wrapper. My silly two like to eat celophane

Here's some that everyone is OK.
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Vet said they are all ok, no one even got the runs so they must not have eaten that much.

Thanks to everyone.
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