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Ragdoll picture

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Here is a picture of "Brutus" my 14 month old male Ragdoll.......He is a flame point and weighs 13 pounds
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Brutus is a handsome boy
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He's quite the looker. I bet he's a good snuggler too
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WOW Just look at those PAWS!!!

And I plan to come over there with black clothes on. Over here, there are NINE, you see.
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Oh my! He is a handsome boy isn't he!!!!!!!!! I just love that color!
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He's gorgeous!
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Wow! Brutus has the stature of a Lion....
he is one very handsome kitty.
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Only thing I can say is "Wow!"
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He's so handsome
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Brutus is such a beautiful boy!!! We are bringing home our first 2 Ragdolls tomorrow - I hope they grow up to be as gorgeous as Brutus.
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Oh wow hes a really handsome guy.
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He lovely. A very handsome boy!!
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He is beautiful! If I ever get a cat from a breeder I would like to get a ragdoll. They are just so pretty.
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What a handsome boy!!!! Make sure to kiss that sweet little pink kitty nose for me!!
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