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Insatiable cat!

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Hi, my new cat's got a problem (which I now have!) and that is that he goes totally bonkers at feeding time, on his hind legs, hardly letting me put down the food, then finishing it off instantly (vs a lot slower for other two cats), then goes headfirst into the other cats' bowls (not right beside his at all) and so I've been having to get him into the next room to let the others finish their food. He spends half of his time otherwise hunting for food all day long and is 'in' the fridge every single time I open it! He's certainly getting plenty (more than the others no question), and does not have any other thyroid (or diabetes) symptoms at all. He's going on 7 mos., spent the 5-6 mos. before I got him in a cage with 1-2 bros. and ?? Mom - with no real time outside of it. He's a total love otherwise, and is good about the box, etc., but the food thing is just awful - as if he maybe didn't get to eat first (or well) in the no-kill shelter cage. He's neutered, but crazy manic when it comes to the food thing. He wasn't overly skinny when I got him, just all around smallish and slim. He may have put on a little since then, but not a huge amount... just looks normal now. Any ideas? The vet also thinks it's behavioural. I'm so tired of playing food cop!
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At that age he's like a teenage boy. Any kitten really, one of their favorite times usually is mealtime.

Hopefully as he gets older and stops any growth spurts he may be having he'll calm down and not steal the other cats food (or steal at much).

My Tomas, who should be a little over a year now, likes to act like he's always hungry. Eyes up our food, sneaks onto the counters to look for forgotten scraps, and will try to hop in the fridge when I have it open. But at least he's letting Sho eat now without hopping over to wolf down that share down too.
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I, too, wonder if it's the age - my kitties are going on 7 months as well and they are also eating more than usual (I'm refilling their bowls more often), climbing in the fridge, meowing for canned food constantly, trying to eat off my plate.......I am thinking growth spurt about my cats.
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If he's hungry and young, he literally hasn't figured out how to moderate his behavior, he can't help himself.

Our kitten is six months old, had a deprived background, and still needs to be locked in the bathroom when everyone eats. The only thing that will convince him food is always around is when he convinces himself.

I find a separate room is a lot easier than playing "food cop." He should grow out of it.
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Oh, thank you so much - I don't believe he's abnormal then, and will just wait it out. For some reason I've been very lucky in the past and not had this mania, only a little inappropriate behaviour in much younger kitties for a short time, but he must be getting a bit better as he now waits til I dish out at least before going nuts!
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My kitten is like that but it's not really a problem. I leave dry down all the time and she's growing so fast that even though I'm constantly filling it she's closer to being underweight than fat. She'll also eat her half of a 5oz can and then go eat Carmel's. Carmel doesn't eat more than 1/8th of a can before she's tired of it anyway so I just let her have it. If Carmel really wants it she'll tap the kitten on the head and eat her food faster instead of sitting there staring at it while it dissapears. Mostly it just gets annoying when I have to toss her on the floor between every bite in order to eat my food. Along with making sure to pull her out of the fridge, freezer, or cupboard before closing the door.
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