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November Cat Shows?

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We don't have any planned but anyone else can post their upcoming November shows (association, date, city/state or country)

Good luck. (our next shows are December/January)
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Not sure if we are going to this one or not

CFA - Nov. 10 Wheaton, IL, USA
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If you are going, better get the entries in
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11/03 - Harrisonburg, VA: Shenandoah Valley Cat Fanciers CFA

11/10-11 - Gaithersburg, MD: Capital Cat Fanciers CFA

11/17-19 - West Warwick, RI: Rainbow Plumes CFA
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We've got 2, last of the season both 1 ring shows.

Nov 3, SA Australia - GCCF

Nov 11, SA Australia - GCCF
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Ferris - you sure are gonna be busy! Who are you showing?
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November 3-4th, Springfield, MO. TICA

Serafina (Seal Point Bicolor) had her first adult show 2 weeks ago at the October, Tulsa show, getting many BOB's, but ending with 3 finals, 8th AB, 2nd and 4th in SP. So we hope to Grand her at her 2nd Adult show.

Koda Bear (Blue Point Mitted) is getting a break this time. He is a champion now, but still has further to go to get his Grand.

Our new kitten addition, Aurora, (Blue Point Mitted Tortie) will have her first debut in kitten class.

Our next show after this will not be until February, with the kids, we don't like to go too far away. Their school work and attendance is very important.
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November 17-18, 2007
America's Finest Felines

Arcadia Masonic Center
50 W. Duarte Road
Arcadia, CA 91007

Tullo(AB), Coleman(AB), Unangst(AB), TBA(AB), Chisholm(SP),
E.Hammond(AB), M.Hammond(AB), H.DeVilbiss(AB), TBA(AB), Webster(SP)

We'll be showing our Seal bicolor Ragdoll Wild Bill + Nala our Fawn Aby. + Sundance our Red Mitted Alter.
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November 11, CFA 4 rings, Bangkok, Thailand (2 Abys + 1 Maine Coon)

Suria is going for Granding in Premiership, Adik is going to collect WR and Velle the MC is going for Granding (not sure it will happen, her coat is in not so great condition).

November 23-25, CFA 7AB, 1SP + Best of the Best, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (3 Abys + 1 HHP for the heck of it )

Suria (should he have Granded) and Bulan for epoints, Adik for Granding and the HHP is going coz he's so cute Velle will be going back to her breeder
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I've got four that I am currently showing! I have the red-tabby Turkish Van Premier, Oscar, who is 33 points from Granding. I've also got three maus now, Bailey, our Grand Premier, and two kittens, a male silver (Niles) and female smoke (Bagheera). Niles is really amazing, his breeder will be using him in her program. I'm trying to get him used to showing right now, since I expect him to do pretty well once he's an adult.
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Ok think my husband wants me to enter (closing was extended till Tuesday)

CFA - Mt. Clemens, MI on Nov 3&4 which is next weekend.
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