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Any Advice?

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to the site and am also a new cat owner, so I thought you may be able to help me out~

My Cat Sadie - is 3yrs old, indoor cat, spayed, usually fairly active, eats, has normal activity in her litter box etc. I adopted her from a friend at 2...

Problem - When I arrived home from work last night I noticed some rather abnormal behavior, she did not greet me, didn't come as called for her normal treat and feeding. So I went to find her and noticed she vomited twice, and was abnormally tired. She is not an overly affectionate cat, but will come and cuddle when she is feeling needy. She was not really responsive to my touch or calls. She seemed very lethargic, with her ears pointed down, pupil's dilated, and a overall "sick" look. So I examined the vomit and noticed a piece of plastic (looked like packing tape folded over). Earlier that morning I noticed garbage on the kitchen floor (bag fell over). I had made chicken the night before and placed the empty package in the garbage. The "liner" from the chicken package was on the floor away from the other pile that had fallen out. So I thought she may have gotten into the chicken package some how. She is not responsive to water, food or generally moving from where she is perched. She seems almost comatose with heavy breathing....
I am super worried for her because she hasn't been to a vet since I have had her (about 10months or so). I know I should bring her in, but what else should I look for before I take her to a vet? Could she have salmonella or something? or been poisoned from plastic somehow?
Any help is appreciated...
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You need to get her to the vet ASAP.
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GO to the VET ASAP>>>>>>>>>
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Vet!!! Now!!
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I agree with the others, get her to the Vet ASAP.
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Thanks for the help, I am going to bring her in....
But I am at work and hopefully she is ok until I get home
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I would get her into the vet ASAP - even the emergency vet. Not knowing what she ate or so in the garbage, you shouldn't wait around for anything to happen. They may need to take x-rays to see if she swallowed anything not edible. Were there any chicken bones in the trash? Is her shots up to date?

BTW we have another member on here that goes by Sadie's Mom too - and her Sadie is a chocolate spotted Ocicat
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Is there anyway you can take off and go take her now? She REALLY needs to go in now.
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cats are more tolerant of salmonella, so that's one of the last things i'd worry about now. don't waste another minute trying to diagnose her, let the vet do his thing.

one of my cats got super sick suddenly, high fever and similar symptoms to what you describe. the vet determined she was in serious danger as her temp was so high, if she had been like that much longer before seeing the vet she could have died. with his treatment, she was much better by the next day. when it's something this serious, the vet is your best (and really only) response.
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As far as I know all her shots were up to date when I adopted. There were no chicken bones because it was just an empty package. I am not sure if that is even the problem or if that is what she got into. I am calling around to several vets to see if I can bring her in tonight. There are lots of emergency clinics around so I should not have a problem with that. This is so terrible I just want to be with her now!!!! thanks everyone!!
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sweetie, your cat is showing signs of being in distress is there any way you can take her or get someone to take her. This is an emergency situation.
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If she ate plastic and/or bones, they could seriously damage her insides. I agree with everyone else, please get her to a vet ASAP and tell them what happened.
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I realize the severity of the situation but have no way or anyone to bring her in right now....but appreciate the advice!!
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Please keep us updated on what happened to her. Here's some vibes
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A friend of mine is taking her to the vet for me....I should have an update soon!
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Im glad you have found someone to help you. Please do keep us updated. Sending MEGA vibes your way.
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I hope everything goes well at the vet
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I hope your baby girl is OK.
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Just wanted to say thanks for all the good vibes

Finally was able to get Sadie to the vet yesterday, and OMG were they ever wonderful!!! The doctor advised a few options for treatment. Basically, administer fluids, and give antibiotics and see if she is able to "pass" whatever is potentially lodged in her stomach. He also suggested an Xray, then the above. This could result in surgery!! I chose to monitor her till monday and decide what to do then. I have since given her water, and a spec blend of wet food using a syringe. She has more energy, but still is laying down a lot. She has not thrown yet this morning, so I am keeping the fingers crossed!!!!
The worse feeling is not to have Pet Insurance!!! I have applied to get some
Thanks again =P
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I hope everything continues to go well for Sadie.
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Update: Well this morning I woke up to find Sadie throwing up again, I have no idea what is the issue with her. After her last episode, she didn't fully come back to being herself, but rather improved on her eating and interaction with others. Well for the last week, she has NOT been eating, some but certainly not alot. She refuses wet food and nibbles on her dry food a little, but always wants those temptation treats when I offer them to her. She is using the litter box. And she is drinking water from the tap, but ONLY if I am there and from my hand...So I have decided that I will monitor her for the next day or so and taker her to the vet if need be, again administer her fluids and food. I seriously think she is depressed, or not happy. I don't know what to do????? I play or attempt to play with her, show her alot of affection, encourage her to move around and be social, but she is so grumpy, to me and others???? I am at a loss for words and feel like I am losing this Battle...anyone have similar story's or thoughts...
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I'd take her back to the vet's ASAP, and get her thoroughly checked out, including an Xray, if that's what the vet suggests. A grumpy cat is usually a cat who doesn't feel well, and the lack of an appetite and lethargy are alarming in such a young cat.
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I have booked her in for Wed the earliest I can get her there.....
This feels like I am losing her, why??? ahhhhh =(
But thanks again
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First, I hope your baby gets well soon. I know you're trying to get her into the vet asap (call and beg the desk to get her in as quickly as possible! most vets have cushions for true emergencies, especially if you're a regular client).

My one suggestion would be to write down every symptom and 'funny thing' you've observed, and the date, if possible. It's important to give any doctor the best medical history you can, and I know from experience how difficult it can be to remember everything once you're in the examining room (vet or human doctor!).
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My Sadie says... "please take your Sadie to the vet right away and get whatever tests the vet feels are necessary to correctly diagnose her problem."
There is no need to loose her.
An an accurate diagnose is essential.
She may be suffering...

Please take her in and get her taken care of.
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I can only agree w/ what the others have said: please take her in ASAP and have tests done to find out what is wrong. It may be treatable, and the sooner, the better. I'll be sending good vibes your way for you & Sadie.. I hope it's nothing serious...

BTW, she's just beautiful! She looks just like my Geronimo.

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I agree with the others, that she needs to be seen by the Vet ASAP.
If it were me I'd just gather her up and take her to the Vet now.
Tell them that you felt it wasn't in her best interest for you to wait until Wednesday.

I feel certain that they won't turn you away if you just show up with her.

Sending get well soon and Prayers for Sadie...she's a beautiful girl.
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I agree, this cat needs an X-ray right away. If it is an obstructing object, waiting a week is too long. And X-rays aren't that expensive, as procedures go.
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I called back and told them that its too long of a wait!! So I can take her in the morning for sure and just have to watch over her tonight. Thanks for the good vibes~~~~
I just keep imagining the worst, and have cried a lot at work, but I can't really get too emotional until I find out the real problem. Just seems strange because after the first time two weeks ago, she seemed like she was somewhat back to her old self. Then this morning she is the same....but I will do whatever it takes to make sure she is ok...
Thanks everyone again - =Z
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My thoughts are with you and Sadie.
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