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It's that time again...

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Giving away kittens time, that is. Viking and Ragamuffin went to their new home last night. I know they'll be fine because as soon as we brough them there two of the older boys (14 and 15) were already waiting for them! They picked them up and cuddled and snuggled them. I'll post pics of the 'first meeting' later!

But...like always, I wish I didn't have to give them away. Sunflower and Lady are going next, we're not sure when, though. And I'm trying my best to give them as a pair because they'll do better like that.

Right now I'm cursing myself for not getting Twix spayed earlier so I would have never had this litter. I know they're cute and all, but it's way too painful for me to have to give them away!
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Awwww They're going to good homes, hopefully you can get updates!! I don't know how anybody can foster or have kittens! I'd have a million cats.... oh wait, I'm already close Can't wait to see those pics!
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Aww, I know how hard that is! Hopefully you'll get updates on them, so you can see how they're doing!
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It's hard isn't it? All mine have just gone. Just my keeper Links still at home. They went singley. I get to see two of them all the time because they are with friends, but Diego is 200miles away . Ziggy is getting spayed a.s.a.p so I don't have to go through it all again.
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I don't understand how foster familys do it either. I would find it so hard to give them to someone else. I would just want to keep them all. Thank goodness there are those who can give loving homes on a temp basis. I applaud all who can do that!! I truely admire all of you!!!
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Yikes! I still have that to go through - my littlest tikes are around 8 wks. but still scraggly - just got them wormed, though, and as soon as they plump up, it's time to seriously search for homes. I'm very anxious about placing them - fortunately, my vet has had alot of inquiries lately from people who have had to euthanize their cats for health reasons.
Sending lots of {{{"Welcome to your new home" prayers and vibes}}} to Viking & Ragamuffin!
I can scarcely wait to see the pics
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