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Another Apollo & Aphrodite update!

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Well, it will be 2 weeks this Sunday that I've had my little semi-feral cuties. Much more progress than I thought would have been made by now has happened!!

Apollo is the braver of the two, and has been staying out when I walk into the cat room, Aphrodite still runs. Starting Tuesday evening, Apollo started to venture out of the cat room into the kitchen and living room and last night he jumped up on the couch with me!! I can only pet him when he is distracted by chowing down, but as soon as I touch him he starts purring up a storm! He also doesn't meow, but squeaks, it is the most adorable thing Aphrodite did venture out of the cat room last night for the first time (that I've seen at least) she sat in the hallway right outside the door, but it's something!

Eileen and I were worried that these 2 would stay hiding for much longer than this, so this progress is really a great surprise Perseus is really helping me with them, Apollo especially, the two boys were batting around a mouse last night

Also, once again, I am beyond proud of my crew for not raising any sort of fuss over these 2
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That's so wonderful!
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Oh Katie that is fantastic news Your kitties are really really good at accepting more and more brothers and sisters, that is amazing really. Im sure that alone makes a world of difference to any newcomer
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Wonderful news! Your kids know that you are doing a good thing for those kittens!!!
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Sounds like they're really coming along well! What an amazing crew you have there - I can't imagine my two boys ever accepting another cat into their home. I bet it won't be long before Apollo lets you pat him when he's not distracted.
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Way to go "little hunk" and "pretty princess" kitty!

Congrats to you too, Katie. I know you have to be thrilled by their progress and so proud of all your sweet, adorable kitties.
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Awww, what wonderful news...
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Katie, that is fantastic news!!
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That's great should be proud of your babies, they are amazing and so accepting Awwww
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Aww...that's great! Boys are so much easier that way, aren't they?
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Oh Percy.... well done my boy! I'm so glad they're starting to come out Katie, soon you'll be wishing they'd stay in there & quit wrecking things!
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Congratulations - it really didn't take that long at all, did it? Your others are role-models - won't be long before you have two love-bunnies. And we all say this about everyone's cats, and it's always true, but for whatever reason it is, I think your two are especially cute!
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Thanks everyone!! I got to pet Apollo again tonight while he was eating of course no Dite though!!

and you're right Kelly, boys are so much easier!

My kitties do constantly amaze me with the ease that newbies get integrated, I have a couple that are not exactly "welcoming" but they're just ornery in general (Demeter and Sapphire)
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that is really good sounds like things are going great.
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