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help.. cat food

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Hi, the link I posted above is an article about what is in really in commercial pet food! It is very detailed, and I think this should answer a lot of questions people have about food! (some info kinda shocking)

Because of the research I have recently doing on food, I have changed my kitties food to one of the top ones offerred only by my vet.

My only problem now is that both kitties seem to love it so much, they want to eat much more than they are supposed to?? Is this normal? I don't want my cat (esecially older one) to get fat, both are very fit! Why I am concerned is because from what I read they are suppose to eat less when changing to a high quality food ?? Any thouhgts?

I used to leave the food out and they would eat on their own, I always put the days portion, and re-fill it everyday, but now they are eating thier portion by 12 pm...so now I give some half in the morning and half in the evening, but they are hungry more than that?
Any advice? I don't want my kitties to get fat, but don't want them to be hungry and unhappy?
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Usually, once they get used to the yummy food, they will slow down. But good quality food does taste better so I would recommend that you continue to measure their portions and maybe divide it into two feedings so they have something to eat in the evenings. I switched my cats to Wellness and they ate more for awhile, but now they eat less, probably because they meet their caloric needs with less food. Becky
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excellent artical! thank you.
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