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Time for the vet

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Well, both my babies are going into the vet tomorrow morning. Frankie is 2 months past due for her check up and poor Wickett hasn't seen a vet since they took his goodies! LOL He did get the basic tests and first round vaccinations then but that was a little over 2 years ago. I'm afraid the vet will tell me he's too heavy. Anyway, My hubby is going to drive and I'm going to sit in back with the brats cuz our vet is about 30 minutes away. I'm a little nervous. Since this is essentially Wickett's first time and poor Frankie was just at another clinic (our regular vet was gone) last month. I thought taking them together would be easier for both and me... I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I'm going to skip their dry food dinner tonight so I can entice them into their carriers with treats... that and I don't know how Wickett will handle the car ride. Frankie never gets sick in the car but I don't know about Wickett.

Wish me luck! Our appointment is at 10:30 so we'll be hitting the road around 10.
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Good Luck! I understand what you're going through; vet visits give me gray hairs . Hope all goes smoothly.
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Our vet is great! Frankie is even a good patient most fo the time. It's Wickett I'm worried about. He's such a scaredy cat anyway... but he's long overdue and I am a little concerned about his weight.
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Sending many calming vibes for you all
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Well, their last visit went well enough but it's back for them both tomorrow.

Frankie is being put under to have her teeth cleaned and Wickett is going back for some boosters. Frankie's sedation means no food after bed time tonight and no water after 6am. I'm a little worried about Wickett though. Last time she was at the clinic with out him he hissed at her when she got home. Well, tomorrow they'll be going in together but coming home separatly and Wickett will be home alone (I have to work a few hours) until I pick Frankie up. I hope he does ok. I also hope that Frankie does ok... she hasn't been sedated since her spay/declaw some 8+ years ago.
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Well, the vet just called and not only am I spending a small fortune but my poor baby girl! Aparently her teeth are so bad that she lost one on her own and I never noticed. I wonder what happened to it? Anyway, she's got 2 other teeth that need to be extracted (that's 3 gone in the end) and the vet wants to do a few more radiographs? to check out the root of the missing tooth and the ones to be taken out. She'll be under for another 30-60 minutes depending on what they find and I'll be out between $350-$550! Not to mention the pain meds and antibiotics she'll have to take after. She's VERY difficult to pill but I HAVE to make sure she gets all the antibiotics.

Can I have some vibes for my sweet girl that the rest of her procedure is short and that she recoveres quickly. I can't even focus on work right now... I feel so bad for her.
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Many vibes for her, and your wallet
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Well, we're all home now and Frankie is sniffing around right now. The total bill was just under $400... it will dampen my plans for a new laptop... but not much... and they are always worth it!

So, she's got 3 less teeth but seems to be doing fine. The vet tech said she was "a bit testy" when I picked her up... duh! Though I do LOVE my vet's office... not only did they let me put her in her kennel when I brought her but they let me get her out and back into her carrier too. She was the only cat there, in a room with the door shut and a space heater so it was nice and tosty for her as she woke up. She did hiss and growl at me until she gave me a sniff then she kind of gave up fighting. She knew she was safe and coming home.

Wickett has been pretty good too... he hissed once and has sniffed cautiosly a few times. Meanwhile, Frankie is now scent marking all her "things" now pawing and rubbing on everything. I think she's glad to be home... now I'm off to look at laptops with my new budget.
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