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Any advice for a newbie?

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Hello everyone,

I am about to get a cat and would like any advice on taking care of a cat, things i should look out for etc.

Thanks so much
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Take the cat to a vet for a checkup and any shots it needs.

Buy quality food, not junk from the grocery store. Wet food mostly, some dry.

Get an unscented clumping kitty litter.

Never scold or yell or hit the cat, it doesn't work. gently redirect from bad behavior, praise good.

ANever aplay with the kity with your hand. Always have a toy.

Never leave long string/tinsel around, they will eat and it could twist around their intestines.

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read up ALOT on this site, ther is alot of good information. Also, you will know what will work and what wont with your cat, so dont take EVERYTHING you read as law, if that make sense

Best i can say is ENJOY> i love my cats alot, and they are the sweetest things!!.

Good Luck!
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I was a new cat owner two years ago and not knowing what to expect I made a couple boo-boos...

One, I don't have doors that shut properly except the bathroom in the house... so I let him out and it was too overwhelming with all the space... use one room to introduce him to the house, give him/her to get used to you, and go from there... my mistake took a while to remedy because he was a scaredy cat (which I knew before hand)

Second, I kind of expected him to love me instantly... again, so not the case, do things on the cat's pace, in the cat's comfort zone, don't try to pet if it's skittish at first, don't approach it, let it come to you. I kept trying to lure my guy out and it would just send him into deeper hiding (to the point where I had a hard time finding him)

Thankfully, I picked up on my mistakes fast and let up quickly and realized he would come out and check me out and sit and watch and all that if I just let him be... and I worked it out.

Most of all, enjoy getting to know your new addition... that's the best part, once you earn their trust and love there's nothing like it, they're great companions
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This site helped me tremendously. Just post a question when you have one, and everyone will answer and be so informative and supportive. But definitely take your kitty to the vet for a thorough checkup and ask the vet.

These are some helpful tidbits I learned:

1. Don't feed milk to a cat... ever!
2. Don't leave string or bread ties on the floor. Cats love to ingest them and could harm your cat severely!
3. Don't free feed (leave food out all day). That's how I ended up with a 20 lb. cat. Feed 2 or 3 meals throughout the day. Ask your vet for details.
4. Keep an eye on your cat's litterbox behaviors. I wouldn't put your litterbox in the basement where you can't observe behaviors. You could miss something important, like frequent trips which could mean an UTI or constipation.
5. Don't ever yell at or spank a cat. They don't understand discipline like dogs do. A squirt bottle works great but be careful not to get the water in their ears.

Good luck and enjoy your kitty!
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Hahahaha! Kittie porn! So THAT'S what they do while we're at work! I knew it!
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I had to delete that, wasn't sure if it was appropriate.
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It was a copyright image, so it isn't allowed on TCS.
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You've gotten a lot of good advice. I can add, have a nice snug little bed for your kitty. Some place to curl up when you're gone. Even a small, cardboard box with a blanket in the bottom will do. If your kitty is long haired, get him/her used to combing as soon as possible. to prevent mats. Always have fresh water available. And I've always free fed my cats and have never had an over weight cat. Not sure why but I guess I've just been lucky. I feed a little wet 1-2 times a day and leave dry out all the time.
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