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Daily Thread TGIF Oct 26th!

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Goood moooooooooooorning fellow Friday lovers!!

Well, I couldn't be happier this morning..I am on my way to a breakfast meeting this morning at Cora's restaurant. Its this amazing breakfast place.. Think crepes with bananas and nutella I am so excited!

Then at work today, we have a there will be birthday cake at some point...oh that just reminded me, I had a dream it was my birthday...weird, mines not until December

Tomorrow I leave for my weekend in Niagara I am so pumped for that..I can hardly wait!

Anyway, I am way too excited for this time of the morning..I am going to be quiet and drink my coffee now

Have a great one!
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I'm soooo tired didn't get much sleep due to a certain someone lying on my arms and purring in my ear (not mentioning any names).

Have a good weekend in Niagara!
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Good morning,

What going to niagara and you did not invite me, gee i feel the love.
hehe.. Just kidding.

have a great time!!!
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
Good morning,

What going to niagara and you did not invite me, gee i feel the love.
hehe.. Just kidding.

have a great time!!!
I'll bring you back from the falls??
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Ooooooo Crepes with bananas and nutella Hey, crepes are thin, will ya fax one to me? LOL

I hope that I get to go to Niagara some day. Have a great time!
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Have a fab time away Nat!.

Gils down for the weekend this afternoon, and were going out with friends tonight for an indian meal then back to their for drinkie poos
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Morning all!

Beauty is still sick , however shes moving around on her own, just still really congested, so I think that's a positive sign.

Last night was the second night in a row that Luna stole my pillow. Apparently the one I give her at night isn't good enough, so she knocks me off of mine and I sleep on nothing.

today we're doing any last minute errands. This weekend starts the Breeders Cup for Monmouth Raceway here and traffic has already spiked in certain areas. Other than meeting with a friend, I really don't want to move much this weekend due to tourists.

although if I hadn't been unemployed for so long, I was kind of hoping to get to the Raceway and make a little more money on my own
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Good morning, everyone!!

For those of you complaining about your cats, have you ever tried sleeping with a dog? I have four pillows to sleep on, and guess what I wake up with in the morning? Nothing. That's right - nothing! I'd much rather sleep with cats, Shaggy is just a great big hog.

Pretty soon I'm off to babysit so I won't get my daily TCS run in...but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Have a great day!
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Well its foggy this morning. Deciding on what to do today as the pizza I had for supper last night is still sitting like a lump in my stomach-that's what I get for skipping breakfast and lunch I guess.

Will call Neil at work to find out some weekend plans so I can decide where to work today. I think its the last farmers markets of the season tomorrow so I would like to check what still is available.

Might haul in some firewood too as its cool enough in the morning to have a fire going.

Bobs and Bakker haven't been getting along for some reason-I hear growling and hissing going on.
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Well i'm coming down with a cold.... but no worries NyQuil to the rescue

Oh I have a test tomorow to see if I can get into the OPP call center as a police dispatcher WISH ME LUCK!

There is a typeing test, dictation test and a geography test, all I can say is thank god for spell check. I hope my typeing is up to scratch it has to be 35 wpm
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The annual Gem, Mineral, & Fossil Show is this weekend and set up is tonight. It's time for my annual Panic Attack!!!!!

No, wait! There are others in charge this year! I may even get to go home early on Saturday.

Get to do more shopping, too.
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