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If you are feeding your cats a raw, a home made diet....
or anything else for that matter,
please don't forget that a cooperative vet is needed for occasional labs (blood can tell you a lot) and check ups.
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Originally Posted by moggiegirl View Post
One lives in Yorba Linda and the other is in another part of California. I've read Dr Hodgkins book and agree with all the advice in that book. I will use it as a reference when I need it. I won't consult them just to feed my healthy cats a raw diet. Research on how to balance and supplement works fine for me but believe me if my cats had a medical issue and my conventional vets in my area were not helping me Pierson or Hodgkins would be the first vets I'd contact because they do really understand feline nutrition and I've read such great testimonials.Their phone numbers are listed on this website. www.felinespride.com
I have enough vets, my two natural ,one of their mentors, the uni vets and two others I deal with ... but I am glad they are within reach for you.... I have Yet to agree with ALL anyone person has said but that is my brain.. AWW a few vets with senses of humor that is a great thing
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Originally Posted by moggiegirl View Post
If I consulted my vet and followed their advice I would be feeding dry Science Diet and no raw at all. No thanks. I prefer doing my own research all of which comes from knowledgeable vets such as Dr Lisa Pierson and Dr Elizabeth Hodgkins.
Originally Posted by sharky View Post
BUT Have YOU talked to or written to and or seen either in PERSON???
And the other burning question is have either of those noted vets actually performed a thorough examination of your cat/s to determine what the best nutritional plan for them as individuals would be?

I have to support the opinion that it is always best to consult your trusted vet or vet nutritionalist when it comes to the individual needs of your cats. It just makes better sense! When we propose a new diet/exercise program for our cats, we should request blood/urine labwork and a complete physical for our cats to ensure they are in good enough condition to withstand the rigors of the new program. Armed with this information, you, along with your vet can tailor a program that is right for YOUR SPECIFIC CAT and additionally, it allows you to become aware of any potential health issues which could be exacerbated by the elements of a new food.

I realize that there are not many vets out there who specialize in nutrition and there are many who do push this or that specific brand. But as we promote here at TCS many times over on a daily basis, it is up to us as responsible caregivers to research, learn as much as we can about whatever changes we would like to make and then discuss it all with your trusted vet.

ETA: I have received a request to lock this thread and I normally do not like to do that, especially when such an important topic is being discussed. But there is really nothing more to be added or gained by leaving the thread open and frankly, it is becoming more a topic for the IMO Forum than here in Health & Nutrition. So, we're done. Feel free to open a new thread in IMO if anyone would like to continue this discussion. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
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