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The Babies

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Not sure if this should be in kittens, so move if necessary.

Sydney - by far the most active, even for a two week old babie! She's a girl.

Shiloh - such a cutie, wish I could get face-on!

Savannah - I love her paws. She looks like a little mouse!

Sophie - She was the late bloomer. She hasn't even opened her eyes all the way yet, she was a few days behind. A cutie all the same.

And Sebastian. He's adorable, but this picture makes him look silly.
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Cutiieess!! Love Sebastians' little tongue! So swweeettt!
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Awwww!!! They are all adorable, and that one of Sebastian is so funny!
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Aww, what precious babies The pic of Sebastion is just hilarious...looks like he'll be a character!!
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OMG how SWEET Sebastian
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Sebastian What precious little babies
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those are some very cute babies, Sebastian is so funny
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