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Cat thief!

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Spike, one of my cat, seems to LOVE stealing stuff!! Any of u have cats like that??

So far, he has tried to steal towels, blankets, clothes, pens, papers, slippers, AND drinking straws! He has also stolen a baby jesus statue from my navitity set during Christmastime! I still have not found that statue.

He'd steal pens off my desk-usually a pen that I just put down and would take off running and put them somewhere where I can't find them!

During Christmas, a friend of mine came to check on my cats while I was out of town for a week and told me later she found my clothes ALLLLLLL over the floor in the bedroom, bathroom, closet, dining room, and living room!!

Now, whenever I drink - I always use a straw- but it looks like I might have to quit it because whenever he sees a straw in my cup, he goes crazy and will do ANYTHING to steal the straw. I have taken the cup away and he'd climb all over me to get to it. I have tried to hide it in my lap and he'd push his head in between my legs to steal the straw.

This is really hilarious but sometimes VERY frustrating because I WANT to DRINK in peace!!

Just wondered if any of you have any humorous stories about ur cats stealing??
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I have a few really sneaky thiefs in the house. As a result, we put lots of things out of reach. One happens to be Q-Tips. I actually have 3 of them who seem to have Q-Tip radar!!
We just moved in Dec and I can't even describe the amount of coins, jewlrey, and lighters we found after the furniture was gone...LOL.
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weirdly enough
my cat put a keychain in her mouth and stole it!
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I used to have a cat like this, named Suki aka the most evil cat in the world! The humane society really made a no no when adopting out this girl willy nilly.

Anyway yes, her stash was under our coach, alll the time I'd find random things. Took me a while to see that things were missing, and where they were going to. But then I noticed her snatch a baby sock one day, run through the house with it (I followed her) and then under the couch she went.
I peaked my head under and she started to growl so of course I backed off (this cat is pretty vicious at times.)

So whenever she was off sleeping, I would just go under there and clear out her stash once a week or more.

I thought it was REALLY cute, as long as I was able to find all my missing items under there.

Asim... he doesn't really steal things except for q-tips. But he has hiding places for his favoriet toys. Like q-tips (specially used) and wire ties. He would hide them next to the rim of our floor lamps (consealed for the most part.) Took me a long time to figure out where he kept getting this stash from! Cause I throw away any of the used q-tips I find, but more and more kept coming.
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LOL! My new kitten ran off with my bra the other day!
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shorty steals stuff all the time!! At Christmas, she would steal christmas ornaments off the tree and hide them (after she was done playing with them of course), she steals little animals (stuffed ones on strings in particular), anything she can carry in her mouth (and she will try to put anything in her mouth!), she steals on you. She stole one of my brother's contacts cases (w/ the contacts in it!), and we still haven't found where she hides all this stuff! We have looked everywhere that she usually takes stuff and hides it, but we don't know where she puts all this stuff! She is a total thief! lol She really likes to play fetch with you too. Get a ball w/ a bell in it, and holes in it so she can pick it up, and throw it, she'll bring it back to you. For a while too. Anyways, I had better go now, I'll keep checking back here periodically but i gotta go. Bye.
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I have a cat thief too. He mostly snatches clothing I've left out -- pantyhose, bras, pajamas -- anything I've worn. He also tends to try to dunk it in his water bowl. For instance, I've found my pj's in the kitchen with one pant leg sticking in the bowl. Maybe he's trying to do laundry for me?????
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My cat steals everything. We have all the doors to rooms closed, and make sure to keep cabinets closed too. You even have to watch him when you open a cabinet to get something! We don't even have magnets on our fridge because he steals them as well as whatever we hung up. He even steals the dog's biscuits - the whole 3 lb box!! and takes them down to the basement and snacks.

Unfortunately no advice, we just make it harder for him to find things to steal!
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I have two cats, 9 1/2 old, brother & sister. Coalbe is the male and is the major theif of the two of them. He steals sponges, cat toys from my sister-in-law's appt downstairs, gloves, socks, and yes, the all mighty Q-tip. (She says they are part ferrit)!!!
So, we keep the Q-tips in a jar, all sponges have to be inside a cabinet, and well the items he steals from my sister-in law - there is no real answer except when we find them we return them.
Now, Jetta our female kitty has her own agenda of theft objects. Such as straws, pens & pencils, and anything long and thin. She can even steal a straw out of a full can of soda without even spilling it!!!
Here's a short little story for you, and then I'll shut-up.
We bought our kittens each a collar with a bell on it for X-Mas. A Bright red one for Jetta and a Bright Blue one for Coalbe. (Let me add most importantly - they are break-away collars so the Kitten or Cat does not get stuck anywhere). Well Coalbe decided he didn't much care for anything around his neck at the time, so he got the collar off. Well, didn't our darling little Jetta carry it upstairs to our bedroom and drop it at the threshold while looking straight up at us as if to say..."If I have to wear mine, so does Coalbe"...It was just funny the way she dropped a dime on her brother as soon as she could.
So, as far as "your" cat theif...it seems to be natural, you just have to be creative about finding ways to "secure" things. LOL
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