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two sick kittens

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I have only made a couple of posts here due to the amount of free time I have available. My friend Debby has assured me that next to a vet this is the place to get great advice. My problem is I have two kittens that were pretty much abandoned at about two weeks of age. My daughter and I found them and took them in right away. Two days ago the kitty we call fluff climbed out of her bed in the middle of the night and slept on the cold floor. At the same time her sister who we call winkers slept away in the bed on her heating pad. Both kittens ended up with hypoglycemia(excuse my spelling). I knew what it was because we lost a brand new baby kitten about a year ago to the same thing. I freaked out and was ready to miss work to care for them. My husband was staying home that day so he agreed to be their nurse. Although he did a wonderful job, and the kittens were all warmed up and eating when I got home, they are just not quite right. Fluff seems to be having some sort of convulsions, and winkers is walking on the inside of her hind legs. Having talked to the vet, he pretty much told me that with baby's so small, they are very hard to treat. I am to basically baby them. That wasn't even a question. They are my baby's. I wanted to bawl like a baby when I found them. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do for them. Fluffy's convulsions haven't happened for a little over a day, but she seems really slow. And winkers is so moody, she will only eat for mabye ten seconds at a time, and I have to fight her to get that down. These two baby's are just like my own kids, and I would do anything for them. I have been getting up in the middle of the night to take care of them, and sending them to my sister during the day so they can have round the clock care. I am looking for other people who have hearts as big as mine to give me some good advice. I belonged to another forum for hedgehogs, where I was treated just awful over making a post in another girls thread. My problem was the same as hers, both were over eating concerns. I was pretty much told to create my own thread, not to get involved in someone elses. I was burnt on this type of place, but Debby has assured me that this is the "place" to be. I appreciate any help. These two kittens are furry kids to me, and I really need them. They brighten up a bad day just by seeing their little faces.
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Hi Shannon.

I haven't had much experience with extremely young kittens either. One thought that came to mind was maybe giving the kittens a nutritional supplement--one of the pastes that comes in a tube. There's one called Vitacal that is supposed to stimulate appetite in addition to providing vitamins and calories. I found it in the Doctors Foster and Smith Catalog. The catalog says its safe for kittens. There might be something similar in your local pet store. The website for the catalog is http://www.DrsFosterSmith.com .

Hope everything goes well for you and the little ones.
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I am sorry to say I don't have much experience with this one. I have read and heard that with hypoglycemia you can give them a TBL of Karo syrup and it usually raises the blood sugars. They say to give it when necessary or once seizure activity has begun. Has your vet mentioned anything else you can do at home?
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Hello, Shannon

I, too, don't have any real experience with kittens so young. I did find a really young kitten several years ago who ended up dying of an intestinal blockage. I was told this is quite common. I mostly wanted to welcome you and hope that you'll stay with us. We're a pretty friendly group. People don't get worked up over things like you mentioned about other groups. Our moderators do a superb job of keeping everything organized, but the forums are really easy to figure out to begin with, due to Anne. You'll find lots of good advice, and people who you'll quickly come to regard as friends.

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I was told by the vet to try he karo syrup. I was getting as much in her as possible, but sadly we lost her Saturday night about 11:30. She had begun to throw wild fits. She finally calmed down and then the convulsions started. She had about 6 in a 45 minute time span. I was trying everything I could think of to keep her calm. After each episode she was just wiped out. I thought that mabye she was getting under control and she had a convulsion that caused her little mouth to flair open and she was gone. I cried like a little kid, begging her to breathe. I am trying to look at the whole situation in a way that is positive. I think that the problems may have caused her alot more damage than I knew, and even though it is really hard to not have her to take care of, she is in a better place. I have a real hard time making myself believe that because the selfish side of me pops up and wants nothing but to have her purring in my ear. I still have winkers, but she gives me a whole new set of problems. All day she is fine. Scampers across the floor, bawling at me the whole time. But come evening time, her temperature goes up and the activity stops. She just lays around on my lap and refuses to move. The next morning she is fine. Her eating is good, up until the evening. I even get up in the middle of the night to give her what she wants to eat. I refuse to let this little girl just go. I am so completly attached to her. I look forward to getting home for nothing more than to have her run around on my lap(up until she has her temperature problems) Does anyone have any ideas on the reason for her to act like this. Thanks
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Shannon, I am sorry to hear you lost one of them. Kittens are so fragile and it's hard to compete with some of the things they go through. I know you tried your best for her!
How old is the other kitten now? Have you been taking a rectal temperature?
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I'm so sorry about your loss. That darling little kitten was so fortunate to have you and your love. Alot of cats never do get any love, and you made her time here on earth special.
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Their age isn't exactly known. I think Winkers is about four weeks. That is a pretty good guess. The only thing we have to go on is when I noticed the mother cat showed up and it was pretty obvious that she had given birth. The babies were her first litter, and even after I stepped in and started to help them out she held very little interest in them. I am very happy to say that my little winkers, who has also been given the name little kitty pee's alot, is doing 100% better. My husband began to think that the milk we were feeding them was somehow making them weaker. On the vet's approval we were using lamb's replacement milk. I already had it here because of caring for a small lamb. The vet also approved whole milk and cream as good substitutes. I never tried any of those, instead just switched to a kitten replacement milk. I was so tickled to get the bottle in her mouth, let her eat and then see her licking her little mouth screaming for more. Her temp is still a little high(I think). Her tummy feels hot to touch. What is a good temp for kittens her age. You all have been so wonderful with your thoughts and suggestions. I really appreciate it.
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Thier temperatures should be about 101.5. With kittens that little you need to take a rectal temp. You usually want thier enviroment at about 80 degrees or so until they are a little older. I am happy to hear your little baby is starting to thrive!!
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Sandie, Alexnell and Deb25, thanks for being so kind to shannon, and offering her so much advice and for caring.

She has been burnt on another forum, where they didn't treat her right, just because she posted a health question in the same thread as some other girls, even though it was the same situation.

She is probably the most kind, gentle, and patient cat lover I have ever met, and I am proud to call her one of my best friends.

I told her to come here, and post her questions, and that noone would ever judge her or ignore her, or treat her badly, like the other forum.

She told me that the baby (winkers) is doing pretty good today!!

She also is such a kind-hearted person, that she offered (and I took her up on it) to take three of my baby kittens whose mother had abandoned them, to her house to see if her moma would "adopt" them, and if not she was willing to bottle feed them along with her two sick ones.

The reason I am saying all of this, is because I am so happy that she came here, and that you all were so kind to her...as I knew you would be.
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I had to give you an update....because I know Shannon is very busy...(she is going to be a mommy again herself in Nov.)

Winkers seems to still be doing okay...and so are the other babies...though one of the babies of mine she took to care for died, because the vet said it had a hole in it's intestines or bowels...and everything it pooped was going right back into it, and poisening it...which explains why she told me the kitten smelled so "sour".

But the rest of her babies are doing fine!!!!!!!!!!!
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Im glad everyone is doing okay. Kittens are so hard to care for sometimes. They are so little and fragile. I am just glad there were 2 caring people to take them in and care for them!!
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Well, everything is going great with Winkers. She is an absolute doll and a little stinker at the same time. My only problem is getting her to try and eat soft cat food. She absolutly turns her nose up at the whole idea. Now the bottle is a different story. If she sees that thing coming there is no mistaking her excitement. I take it back, I have two problems. We took one of Debb's little kittens that my daughter has named Lips. Lips is only a week or so older than winks, but she has already taught her some tricks. Like crawling out of there house and using my good sweater for their litter pan. And the neat little trick of arching their backs, walking high up on tippy toes and looking very intimidating(or so they think).Too bad they are trying to frighten off the end of the sofa or the potato chip bag.
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They sound so adorable! You may want to mix the kitten food with the formula for a while, gradually increasing the amount of cat food. You can also try and introduce dry kitten food (softened by water).
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Ok, I have tried everything I can think of for food. I have softened dry food in the formula, I bought a couple of cans of moist food and have even tried kitty treats. Winkers will have nothing to do with any of it. She just looks at us like we are nuts for thinking she should eat such a thing. Last night when we were fixing supper my husband tried to see what she would do with a piece of hamburger. OH MY GOSH!!! She grabbed it and for being a runt defended it with her life. She was sitting on my husband's chest. All he wanted to do was move her over and winker's threw her little paws up around her head and stuck her head over the meat and took a couple of swats at his hand. I jumped on the situation and got out her food. She turned up her nose at the cat food. If it isn't her bottle or hamburger she has a big attitude. Her attitude isn't the only big thing. Her belly is bigger. She can't even scratch because her leg will not go around her belly. How on earth am I supposed to keep her healthy with her appetite for formula and her huge mid section this early on. I would love to show all of you her picture, but I don't have the computer brains to get that task done. Could I e-mail her picture to someone who would put it in the forums for me?
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Has she been dewormed yet? I would not worry about the food too much. Once it is time to say enough, then she will eat when she gets hungry. They can be real boogers sometimes.
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My dear friend< I know what you mean: my cat Billy fell off the 8th florr varanda a week ago an I still cant believe it happened. He died in my arms, I was desperate. But now I understand he died maybe to show me I have to be ready to face or accept the death of a dear person when it comes and that there will be nothing to do about it but accept and pray. I am sorry for you your kittens, but I believe they were injured before you met them: maybe that is why somebody abandonned them. Are you sure you want to keep them? Think about it. Dont create a source of suffering for yourself, one for which you cannot be blamed. Sincerely, Roger (Brazil)
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Well Roger....I think her babies are doing pretty well actually, except that little winkers has such a big tummy!!!
I am so sorry to hear about your baby dying, Roger....how awful. My thoughts and prayers are with you. It is hard to handle when something like that happens.

Shannon if you send your picture to Anne....her e-mail should be in her profile, and tell her specifically to post it in this thread...she can do it for you.

By the way....whoopeeeee!! I feel better!!!!!
This is the first time in a week I have been online!!!
See ya at work tomorrow!! I have missed you and Tammi!!!
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Roger I am so sorry for your loss. I know what you have been feeling. As for my kittens I would never give them up. They bring such a joy to my days. I am the type of person that loves to be around all of my friends and have the opportunity to make new ones. But to be quite honest, if the world and everyone on it turned up their noses at me, my life would be as full and rich with my cats as well as the other animals that call my house home.
Winkers got her first dose of wormer and she hated every minute of it. The vet thinks that she is just a happy plump kitten.
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