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Two Cats

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I've had two cats for a couple of years. The younger one suddenly got
very aggressive with the older one. She growls & hisses at her every
time she tries to come out of hiding, (under my bed) I have to pen the
younger one in another room so the older one can eat etc. Any solutions
to my problem?
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Did you get one cat before the other one so the first one thinks it was his/her home when you brought the second one in? The same thing happened to me when my cat was 7 years old and the only cat and I got a kitten. At first, the older cat was fine with the kitten, kitten wanted to play more than the older one, but soon got the message if the older was not in the mood. When the kitten got to be about 2 years of age, all of a sudden she turned on the older one, making those low threatening growls, hissing, chasing her, and the older was was so docile she was very scared and let the 2 year old dominate her and hid in the basement. We finally brought the older one up to the living room, along with her food and her litter box and she stayed in that room only for 2 months, as the younger one wouldn't let her out. After 2 months, the older one started venturing out a room at a time and the younger one acted ok. I believe what happened is the younger one wanted to establish that she was now the alpha cat and as long as the older one knew that, all was fine. They even became friends again and the older one lived to a ripe old age of 17 and died of diabetes complications. So, hang in there, the same thing may be happening.
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In response to your question..........I've had the older cat about 7 years,
the younger one I got about 3 years ago. I'll try your suggestions, thanks
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My first suggestion is a vet visit, ASAP.

IMO, sounds like one kitty knows something is wrong with the other. You'll probably want to do bloodwork, physicals on both, etc.
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How long has this been going on? Did anything at all happen at the time it started?

When cats that were previously friends start fighting for no apparent reason it could be that one of them isn't feeling well and wants the other to leave her alone. I'd take the younger one to the vet.
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Any time you have a drastic change in behavior, you should have a vet check out the cat (including bloodwork). I'd have BOTH checked out to see if one or the other has something "hidden".
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